What is a Life Purpose?

I have been busy the last several months, focused on starting my health coaching practice. I am still focused on this but realize I have spent far too much time away from my blog.  With that in mind, I thought I would write about my own experiences with discovering something that is very important – and seemingly elusive for many of us: finding life’s purpose

How to Find Life Purpose

Today is the three year anniversary of my coming to Pueblo, seeing it for the first time. A few months later, I made my pilgrimage across country to claim this small city as my own. I came here to discover my purpose, live my purpose. Finding your purpose may in occur in several steps.

First step is to be open to yourself, learn to listen. What is listening, and how does one do it? Listening is sitting in quiet awareness. It is self awareness. It is connecting to that deep inner you that resides at your center, your heart. The heart is wise; it is Old Wisdom. And the heart holds the secrets of your “true you” – that which makes you special, unique.

Your “visitations” into self awareness may take time, if meditation or inner reflection is new for you. The most important thing to remember is to be patient with yourself; learn to sit with yourself without judgment.

The next step is to “listen” for your inner joy. You may discover a theme within that makes you glow with happiness when you think of that which brings you happiness. This joy is about the you you like being, or wish to be. Allow the joy of this you to expand. Focus on it. Learn about what makes this “sing” to you. There is a reason you feel pleasure within this space. Your purpose is what brings you your greatest joy. Your purpose is why you are here; it is your reason for existence. It is your dance with Life.

Your purpose may change and evolve over life. It is part of your own self-care and self-love to tune in and notice how your inner “song” might grow and vary throughout life. After all, you are always changing, as life is change.

My own purpose has generally varied along similar themes. Late in my teens, I knew I wanted to work helping others, and to that end, I majored first in Psychology, and later got an advanced degree in Counseling. After several years in that general field, I decided it wasn’t for me, anymore. I spent a number of years attempting to build businesses around designing my own products to help people from a different angle, only to find, belatedly that I was missing an important piece involving Spirit. I had spent years attempting to push and shove against “the flow”. I learned to step back, and listen – inwardly. And small step by small step, I am making my way forward again, following the direction of Spirit, of flow. I am finding my path by following the flow of what comes natural, what feels like me, and what feels good to me. And I am slowly learning to allow my passion to guide me again. I am learning to walk from the Heart. I am following my own Purpose.

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10 Thing Happiness is not

1. Happiness is not about having; it is about giving and sharing. Here in America, we are taught to be selfish. We have a “me” mentality – it’s all about me: What’s in it for me? What do I get from this? What have you done for me lately? We are seldom taught to think about much outside of #1 (me). As a sad result, in this me-focused society, we are poor listeners, over-spenders, have lost sight of the value of family, and with it the value of community. We generally don’t care for others, except for how they relate back to … me. Having a successful, meaningful community is about members of that community giving of themselves. When we help another, not just out of our own direct self benefit, it feels good. There’s a little glow inside about contributing toward the betterment of society. We feel a little taller. We feel like we have meaning. When we give something of ourselves, we receive a feeling of value, a heightened sense of self worth. And when we feel good about ourselves, that good feeling contributes to an overall sense of well-being. The more we participate in giving, the greater and more prolonged the feeling or experience of well-being.

Giving doesn’t have to be a major event to be satisfying. Yesterday, my husband and I picked up the trash around our block that had been blown from nearby garbage bins or through the carelessness of others. I felt good after we had completed cleaning up the visible garbage all along our back alleyway and along the front street. The area looked nicer, the area felt nicer. I felt like I had contributed a service of value as part of my contribution to Mother Earth.
2. Happiness is not about being better than anyone else. It is about being the best you you can be.
Unfortunately, we live in a highly competitive society where we feel we must always strive to be the best – to beat out fellow (or imaginary) competitors at every turn. We must compete in our jobs to earn job bonuses, or even just the right to return the next day to continue to earn a living. In the marketplace, ebay has excelled in its popularity as bidders fall into a frenzy to outbid each other on this item or that. We are bombarded daily, hourly, even (as that is how often my email on my smartphone updates) by advertisements vying for our business. As a result, we live in a maze of lies and illusions. These lies and illusions come from the promises that if I just purchased program “X”, my business woes will be solved, or I will realize stress-free living, or discover the secret to weight loss, or…. I have become numbed to all the false promises blaring out to me from my emails (I no longer watch TV or listen to radio). As a result, email headlines become more ridiculous as they vie against one another for our shorter and shorter attention spans. At what point do we shout, “Enough!”? I find myself retreating inward. “What do I really want,” I ask myself. I want to experience peace of mind, a sense of belonging, and a strong sense of self worth. I want a value-added life. I want to be me, without worrying about how I compare against another. I strive to be the best me I can be.
3. Happiness is not about being financially free, or even well off. It’s about a different kind of abundance, one of appreciation and ready laughter. They say, “money can’t buy you happiness”, and it’s true. Money can buy you comfort, but comfort makes you comfortable, not happy. Happiness is a feeling I create inside that is independent of my present surroundings. I could live in a nice house, drive a nice car, have all the things for a ‘nice life’ – and be miserable. Or I could be living my life’s dream backpacking across the country with all my worldly belongings strapped to my back – and feel like the happiest person on earth. I may not be experiencing the pampered lifestyle of being chauffeured around in a Rolls Royce, but instead enjoy the heart-opening views of mountaintops and the free flight of eagles. Happiness is not about having lots of money, but enjoying the wealth of experiences.
4. Happiness is not about being successful. Society usually defines success by status – either obtained through a career, through running a company that generates lots of profit and dividends, or some (other) way of accumulating wealth. But how happy are successful business or corporation owners, movie stars, or business executives? Success gets us a social “thumbs up” because successful people are perceived as knowing what they are doing. They are perceived as being experts in how to live life in the most ideal sense. However, these people are generally the most lost. Having obtained it all and not the key to happiness, they typically find themselves on some level wondering, “now, what?” And disillusioned, they fall into self destructive behaviors in an effort to drown out the discontent they continue to feel.
5. Happiness is not about having lots of friends, or being surrounded by family. Happiness is a state of being. While it can be influenced by the people around you, it is not needed to experience happiness. Happiness is an individual and personal experience. We do not need others to dictate what or how we feel. We are free to choose our thoughts. Two years ago, I made the decision to move from the East Coast where most of my family and friends resided, to southern Colorado where my husband and I knew absolutely no one. Neither of us had job prospects, but I felt compelled to start anew in Pueblo. From the moment we arrived, I enjoyed our new living experiences. While we haven’t made that many friends yet, we are enjoying experiencing the new life we have chosen for ourselves. I am happy spending hours of silent contemplation during the day for self revelation and self mastery. In my alone-ness, I am becoming a master of my self and being. This gives me greater peace of mind for who I am, as I sit in quiet with myself. There is power in solitude.
6. Happiness is not about being stress-free or problem-free. Problems define us, cause growth, and if we allow it, a greater sense of self awareness. While too much stress is problematic, we need stress to move forward. Self growth is about our stories of overcoming our problems to become better individuals. We feel a strong sense of achievement the more difficult a problem is we manage to overcome. Happiness is not a static thing, like finally reaching a pinnacle after a hard climb. Happiness is an inner strength and satisfaction of continued growth and self achievement. Happiness is a feeling of expansion Once we feel we have stopped growing (expanding), we are dying (contracting).
7. Happiness is not about having a great job. It’s about knowing you have purpose in life, and living it. It is a bonus if we can manage to make a living at something that gives us a strong sense of purpose . However, we can’t always find a job that defines our inner values and brings a sense of purpose. It is up to each of us to determine our own sense of purpose which we can incorporate into our line of work – such as “I value always putting forth my best effort to achieve my highest standard of work” which ultimately works toward providing a safer product or environment for others – or define our purpose outside of our job in our hobbies or volunteer work in society. Our job frequently does not define us, unless we happen to be able to marry our life purpose with how we make a living.
8. Happiness is not about religion. For many of us, religion defines to us what we believe our values should be. But religion is so full of dogma it is yet another way to control the minds and beliefs of many. Religion is another ready-made belief system telling its follower how to think and how to tell what is right or wrong. It wears away at the freedom of thought, as the system is already in place, much like an instant TV dinner that all you do is stick it in the microwave and press “heat.” Happiness is about the freedom to tune inward and get your own answers, and to live according to your own set of values, which may be slightly different from the next person, as they are uniquely your own. We are sovereign beings, each capable of inherently discriminating right from wrong – assuming we were raised with a beginning set of values.
9. Happiness is not about where you live.  It is about how you live. I have lived many places, and around differing groups of people. Happiness is not contained within an address. As a young adult, I had the opportunity to live in an upper class wealthy neighborhood – and I felt miserable. I have also lived in much poorer environments. I have found that it is how I live my life that counts. My life here in Southern Colorado is one of constant activity and quiet enjoyment. I am living better now than I have ever lived in my life.
10. Happiness is not how society sees you, but how you see yourself. I used to live in Delaware, a small state where, sooner or later, everyone gets to know just about everyone else. At the time, I thought it important to be on first name terms with the state Powers That Be. I placed importance on being seen and intermingling with The Important People. I have since found that I lost a sense of my self striving to fit in with Society at Large. I now find I live a far more rich existence being who I want to be and living along my own values. Maybe there are others within my community who will feel a sense of connection to what I am doing, and join me. The most important thing is, I am living my own authenticity. And that makes me feel good about who I am.

What part of happiness is enjoyment? Is enjoyment experienced on the inside or the outside?  To define happiness is to limit it. Happiness is boundless.

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Meditation and Prayer

My brothers started a discussion about meditation and prayer. The question or thought was that one believed prayer was the same as meditation, while the other believed meditation was quite different and separate from prayer. Following is my interpretation of the two.

In my experience, prayer generally is a supplication to a Divine Being. We send prayers for help, we send prayers for strength, we send prayers for courage, or encouragement. Prayer is usually an attempt to invite in the power of the Divine to help us in some way. I have always thought of prayer as speaking to the divine; it is usually a one-sided conversation or request.

I have viewed meditation in the broadest terms as listening to the Divine. Meditation is about calming and slowing the mind from the endless thoughts that run about. The thoughts in the mind have been referred to as the “monkey mind” because of how our thoughts tumble and swing through the mind nonstop, like monkeys swinging noisily from branch to branch through the trees.

Prayer can be calming, slowing the thoughts of the mind for the benefit of focusing on the words of prayer, or forming prayer requests into specific words. Prayer may be of an individual nature, or formed formally for ritual or practice. It can be used as preparation for meditation, or become the meditation itself with the repeated repetition of the words.

My conclusion, then, is prayer can be used as meditation, but meditation is not considered prayer.  There are many different types of meditation that can be used to accomplish many different outcomes – from simply slowing the mind to calmness, to programming new thoughts, to meeting with a divine being or spiritual guides for guidance.  Meditation can be accomplished through repetition as in chanting, or through prayer, or it can be experienced through focused breath.

Further thoughts, anyone?

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New Year’s Eve Intentions

As 2012 comes to a close, more opportunities await us in the shadows of our imagination, our dreams, expectations, awaiting the creative touch of life from the motion of our own deliberate intentions. 2013 looms before me, a clean, blank slate awaiting my command.

My thoughts and words are the paints and paintbrushes, creating the pictures of my future reality. What do I paint? What creations do I bring forth into my present experiences? To create a change from my present reality requires deliberate thought and concentrated focus. Otherwise, my life continues along the same path, with the same humdrum experiences. To create anew, I give deliberate thought to the changes I desire: I wish to create and deepen more friendships. This means I need to participate more in other people’s lives. I wish to become known as a coach promoting both physical and spiritual health. I wish to become financially adept, so that I can afford more enjoyable pastimes, like taking vacations, visiting museum exhibits, traveling to far away exotic places. And I would like to visit my present friends who are flung across the country.

The start of a new year is a perfect time for reflection. This reflection is bringing together intention for how we want the new year to form. At the cusp of a new year is the perfect time to solidify our orders for change, and to plan the change(s) in our own patterns of living to accomplish this.
Each moment of life we make choices; each moment is pregnant with Potential. Too often, I let these potential moments pass by without notice, without consciousness. But each new moment brings another Choice – Choice to choose anew to create (or continue) the pattern leading to specific desirable outcomes -desires such as improved health through specific actions, or raised vibrational living through positive thought and feeling…. My goal is to cherish these moments, and with it I succeed in cherishing myself, my life. My great intention is to choose anew, with each moment’s new choice, to think with positive inflection, to notice the brightness and beauty surrounding me, and to make use of this brightness to pull myself ever forward on my intentional path of grace and graciousness, beauty, appreciation, and wonderment. My wish is to live my intentions and live with intention, and in the process, continue to master my thoughts, my mind, and be the me I would desire.

Happy New Year, and may blessings bloom throughout this new year; may opportunities flower throughout and decorate this clean slate set before us with the beauty of fruition.

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Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 50

Day 50. I’ve lived my challenge, and have emerged richer in my understanding and respect for the 7 Universal Laws for Manifesting and living my desired outcomes. Through the last 50 days, I have learned my experiences really do emerge based on my thoughts and intentions. The trick is to learn to reprogram the mind, the thoughts, into a higher vibrational frequency, which allows access to much greater (positive) possibilities. Programming the mind and thoughts is similar to programming a computer: you only get what you have programmed. If the results are faulty, it is not because the computer (mind or experience) is insufficient, it is because there has been a glitch in the programming (thoughts or intention).

I will be offering my new Master of Being, Master of Reality program to those who want to take the challenge to gain mastery over mind and learn to utilize the power of intention to create the life experiences desired. Over the next several weeks, I will be working with a small number of individuals to whom I will offer this course free of charge while I fine-tune the details for my new mastery course. To those reading this and are interested to participate in this new pilot program, email me at: author@erivynn.com and include the name pilot in the subject line This offer is good for the first 10 people to contact me or until the end of January, 2013. After that, I will offer the course at half price for the first 25 individuals. The benefits of this course is gaining mastery over thoughts and using intention to shape your experiences to the desired outcomes. The first individuals of the pilot program will help me determine the length of this new course. I will also be offering follow-up services through the six months following completion of this course. The details will be posted on my website (www.erivynn.com) under the Tools section.

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Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Days 39-47

November 25

I’m writing from my road travels. We have embarked on a long road trip covering about 2000 miles. We traveled over 1000 miles yesterday to drop down into Mississippi. I haven’t been this far south since I was a very young child. My father has retired there, and I made it our stop on our way to Florida for the funeral of my mother-in-law.

I had been having trepidations about Mississippi. But I was also determined to reprogram positive thoughts and intentions for our trip. So far, it has worked. We left early on a Saturday morning and managed to encounter absolutely no traffic, accidents, or other hold-ups on our journey. We made only one wrong turn that took us off our original route, but was quickly re-routed into a new route that was possibly even faster than our original route. Everything happens for a reason. When I first realized our driving error, I worked to not get upset over the distance we had to cover. I firmly centered my thoughts on working up a good solution rather than get upset over the wrong turn-off discovered after we had traveled a few hundred miles. It turned out the mistake worked better than the original route.

Our brief stay here in Mississippi has been positive, and we have enjoyed our visit with my father and his relations. I am enjoying viewing a different part of the countryside, and we have met or interacted with pleasant people along the way. I am experiencing the Law of Attraction. One particular incident comes to mind as I write this. Yesterday I walked into a rest stop, and was greeted by the cashier, asking me how I was doing. “Excellent,” I responded, enthusiastically. “How about yourself?” “Fantastic” was the reply, and he seemed to mean it. It was a small exchange, but the positive exchange was energy-enhancing and made me smile.


December 3

Spending over 60 hours over the last 10 days on the road traveling a little over 4000 miles from Colorado to Mississippi, to Orlando and South Florida, Houston and San Antonio, Texas and back to Pueblo has left me unable to keep three of my blog appointments over the last week. We finally arrived back this afternoon from our driving odyssey and I am so happy to be back.

A little over a week ago, I had set my intention for our grueling road trip into family visits and a funeral to be uplifting and fun. I also looked on this road trip as my ‘final test’ for my 50-day challenge to mastering my reality.  I have succeeded. I put aside my dread of car cabin fever to find the magic in our journey and to live with positive light-mindedness. As a result, we had nothing but uplifting and fun experiences during our trip. In fact, our journey took on the characteristics of a fun outing and vacation filled with the fun kind of adventure. First, despite the amount of time spent on the road, we ran into absolutely no traffic, accidents, or other road hold-ups. Yes, there was plenty of road construction, but traffic flowed freely through each section of road construction. While we drove through all hours of the day and night, we never ran into bumper-to-bumper rush hour.

Our visit with family went smoothly and enjoyably – even though family relations are anything but smooth following the funeral for my mother-in-law. However, the negativity was not present at all around us – but picked up where it left off – after we left. My husband and I enjoyed closeness and harmony during the many hours cooped up in the car driving instead of the previous experience of irritability that comes with exhaustion of so much driving and little sleep. We did have one car trouble incidence where the battery died in our car, but this incident happened in front of my friend’s house toward the end of our trip. We were conveniently near a store to get a new battery, and my friend’s husband was well equipped with the tools and expertise to make the otherwise stressful experience one of ease. My road trip flowed along the experience of ease and fun. I made the point each day to set my intention for what I wanted, while allowing for upgrades in my detachment (Law of Deliberate Creation, Law of Detachment) to the results – and I got what I wanted with many upgrades.

As my 50-day challenge draws to an end, I look back over the last seven weeks and appreciate what I have learned and gained. This week, I graduate from my program to becoming the Master of (my) Being, the Master of (my) Reality, and I feel I am continuously learning from and through the magic of this Mastery. Through my thoughts, words and intentions, I really do create my reality – not just how I see things (which utilizes the Law of Polarity) – but the way my very experiences are shaped. For example, last week as we planned our trip from Orlando to South Florida, my father-in-law warned us we would need to leave either earlier in the morning or a few hours later than we planned if we wanted to avoid sitting for hours in the heavy morning traffic around Tampa. Instead, I decided I made my own reality, and that we would leave exactly when we had already planned, because it was quite possible to ride in the “bubble(s)” in between the traffic jams and arrive without delay at our destination. And that was exactly what we did. We experienced no traffic whatsoever, and enjoyed the sights through Florida as we traveled smoothly on our way. This is an example of deliberately shaping reality.

Through all my revelations about manifesting my desires, I still have much to learn. I still have to remind myself to change the way I am thinking when I feel myself getting upset over an unexpected event or perceived disappointment. At times, I still slip up and choose to feel upset anyway. I am still having to consciously make the choice to change my thoughts. Fifty days is not long enough to have effected a complete change in my thinking patterns where I naturally think positively. I am still consciously working at the changes. But they are coming easily. The correcting thoughts are beginning to become almost automatic. And I am becoming more attuned to the applications of my deliberate mind reprogramming into other areas of my life I had not previously considered. I think there is another course for applying the Universal Laws for manifesting in the making….!

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Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 37

I’ve noticed that people, myself included, tend to be drawn to disastrous events. Natural disasters are fascinating. The misery of others are attention-grabbing. And often, I tend to want to exaggerate my own problems to feel better about being upset about them. That makes no sense – right? Why should we humans, from which the basis for ‘humanitarian’ is derived, feel drawn to misfortune – which is a lowering of vibration and energy? Why do I sometimes feel compelled to magnify the negative? Perhaps this is a form of negative programming. If I read about others having misfortune and hardship, I can feel better about my own circumstances being undesirable. Perhaps I can use the disastrous results of others to remind myself to feel “grateful” for what I have, even if it is not what I desire. (I am using “grateful” to indicate being satisfied with what I have while being afraid to seek my true desires). Perhaps I use this “gratefulness” as an excuse not to take responsibility for my own circumstances!

Growing up, I learned that I was generally powerless to change my circumstances. As part of a minority race, it was drilled in my head early on by my parents about how my position in society (as a minority) was going to make my life harder, that I was generally seen as undesirable, and to be suspicious of others (outside the minority) trying to help me. I was taught to expect less, which meant in order to have more, I had to work myself twice or three times as hard as the next person. I learned to always be on guard. In a sense, I was programmed to take a dim view of the outside world. I learned to be cautious with what I wished for. I learned the world was a dangerous place that I had to work my way through carefully.

Now, I am realizing how I set myself back with my self-defeating beliefs. I’m not the only one. Many of us have been programmed for one reason or another to look on ourselves as being helpless victims of our circumstances. During this 50-day challenge, I am beginning to see how much of a direct effect my thoughts and words have on my experiences. This is an empowering concept. And scary, too. Because if I have power over my life, and my life is not where I want it, I am not a victim of poor circumstances, only poor thoughts. Wow!! My thoughts are the double-edged sword of my freedom or my demise! With that, I am continuing to move forward with thinking deliberately (Law of Deliberate Creation), to becoming the Master of Being, Master of (my) Reality.

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Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 35

I am planning for my trek across country in a few weeks. I will look on this event as my final test to Master of Being, Master of Reality, as we will be spending a lot of time in the car traveling, and meeting relatives over less than ideal circumstances (due to death in the family). It seems as though these types of events bring to surface many interesting characteristics in family members. I will be putting to test my understanding of the Law of Allowing to keep myself from getting drawn into mini dramas that so typically accompany such events.

Of all the laws for moving smoothly through the day, I find the Law of Allowing quite powerful for not getting too caught up in other dramas, especially with my spouse. I am finding that when I give respect for other points of view, or another’s wish for creating or participating in drama, I need not get entangled in it. I can maintain my peace of mind. For me, this takes lots of practice, however, as I am so used to being concerned with what is happening around me, and to attempt to assert my own control over circumstances. Allowing is simply letting things happen as they will. Of course, I’m not speaking about sitting back and watching while another is endangered. I am describing the everyday course of living experiences when another may (choose) to create drama over small things because a certain concept doesn’t fit their preferences, and instead of working constructively to solve the issue, choose instead drama displays of emotions and/or actions. It is invthese that I work on not becoming involved. By reducing downward spiraling energy in my life, I am able to keep more upward movement of energy around me. It becomes easier to raise my vibration, to think along more positive lines, and see life overall in much brighter prospects. And these activate the more positive qualities of the 7 Universal Laws for manifesting what I desire. Contrary to the mindset in which I grew up, if I expect great things, great happenings are much more likely to occur than if I went around preparing for the worst. I used to be the one who thought she needed to prepare for the worst. What’s more, looking back, I realized that I used to spend so much time thinking and preparing for the worst, that I failed to recognize positive events and opportunities. Now that I am learning to tune into opportunities, like a dial tuning into a particular frequency on a radio, I am much more likely to receive what I am tuning into loud and clear.

How freeing this realization is! Instead of having to tune into doom and gloom (presumably to avoid the doom and gloom) I simply have to set my “dial” to the frequency I do desire in my life. There is no need to focus on the dooms and glooms, as, in accordance with the Law of Attraction that would be exactly what I would be inviting into my life. Therefore, I do not watch the news, read the newspaper, or listen to the general radio. I limit the news on the internet I read – if it is too negatively slanted, I skip it and look for something more uplifting. It is much easier to be positive when I am not focused on all the bad news and reports of depravity, death, and destruction!

Living the 7 Universal Laws for manifesting is teaching me just how much my thoughts influence what I experience. With mind reprogramming, I am becoming the Master of my Being and the Master of my Reality.

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Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 33

I’m noticing more changes about myself. They seem minor at this point. It seems my voice is changing a bit. Last month I had started recording my two books for audio downloads. Yesterday, as my husband worked on the final touches, there was need for me to re-record over some areas. My voice sounded different… kind of more… lighter. This was not just a case of different time, slightly different acoustics. I had voiced over previous pieces before with no voice change. I’m yet completely in my new patterning yet, however. I still have to be vigilant over sliding back into my old way of thinking. But I am empowering myself more, expecting more.

Today I had a small slip where I had trouble grappling with the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance. This Law affirms that I am enough, which means I need not be so attached to specific wants or desires. Hmmm – this also addresses the Law of Detachment. I have been finding myself getting a little too attached to the Trollbead jewelry. What is it exactly that has my emotions hooked in on this product? After the disappointment of missing my UPS delivery (I was looking forward to my first look at the silver beads… and just looking forward to wearing my leather bracelet) I found myself emotionally low. I tried to reason with myself about the additional wait, found myself upset that it would mean hanging around the house another day waiting to sign for the package. Evidently, I am still having to work on the mind re-progamming for positive thoughts. Or maybe not. I called UPS and insisted on being able to contact the actual delivery office. UPS contacted me back and, after explaining my dilemma, I was given the choice of picking up the package later tonight from their warehouse, waiting to see if the UPS driver had time to make a 2nd trip, or meeting the driver in the vicinity of his location at that time. It was only about a mile away! So my story has a happy ending, with my “house arrest” for tomorrow lifted.

I still need work on detachment from certain wants. However, awareness is half the journey. I continue forward toward my goal of fully recognizing my self sufficiency and its resulting abundance. After all, life is good – if we see it that way.

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Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 31

I have encouraged my husband to participate in my challenge of living the 7 Universal Laws to manifesting desired outcomes. In his first week, he has noticed he has moved from dreading his job to experiencing job peace of mind. Working in a call center, he handles angry and demanding customers. Using the mind reprogramming methods, he is typically able to take angry calls and transform them much more smoothly into happy or thrilled customers. I have noticed him arriving home much less tense and angry. Life is improving! ;)

We are in the active process of allowing family members to be during our continued and extended family crisis from death of a family member. Right now we are in a holding pattern as we await details on when burial can be arranged. We (my husband and I) are looking at a 2-day drive, which we are planning to enjoy. If I have learned anything from my now deceased mother-in-law, it is to enjoy life and its experiences. She lived her life to the fullest, and she has my admiration for that. I plan to live more for the experiences, and shape each one for enjoyment. Death teaches us to treasure and enjoy life more.

Changes I continue to notice about myself: I have to watch my wording – even in my thoughts. I am much more conscious of what I say. I am still working on staying positive in my speech; while I catch myself slipping up, I am immediately aware and make changes to restate things more positively. My husband and I are both more aware of how we directly affect our present life experiences. We have taken ownership for our reality as we see it. Even my weight is nearing my ideal, and I can finally fit into the jeans I bought almost a year ago… that almost fit. I see these changes as giant steps forward… I am witnessing us both moving forward to becoming Masters of Being, Masters of (our own) Reality!

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