Releasing daily emotional “jumble” to regain balance

June 19 channeling between Higher Self (HS)/guides and me:

(me):  Hello, are you there?
(HS):  We are always here
(me):  I feel there is something I need to focus upon, but I am not getting it. What do I need to focus on right now?
(HS):  Balancing your inner being
(me):  How do I do that?
(HS):  Feel within yourself.  Always be present; breathe into you.  Focus your attention inward. What do you feel?
(me):  I feel a small jumble of energy.
(HS):  That is what needs balancing. These are jumbled emotions that have not been settled, attended to.
(me):  How do I attend to these emotions?
(HS):  Settle yourself into the ball of jumble.  Listen to what it says, is feeling to you.  Focus your attention inward.  Rest into it; relax into it. Allow it to whirl about you with acceptance.  Love this part of yourself.  Listen intently.  Allow yourself to become a part of the jumble.  Look at each individual strand of this jumble.  Accept each strand as a part of you.  Thank it for sharing with you, as you integrate it into yourself.  You are the jumble; the jumble is you.  Allow for the release without judgment.  Let go of this energy jumble. Allow the dissipation throughout your being. Feel the even-ness of the energy as balance resumes itself.
(me):  How do I know if I am doing this correctly?
(HS):  Feel into you; your feelings reveal all.  Make it a habit to check into your feelings – allow them to be a conscious part of you. They are your measuring device as to where you are within yourself and knowing every part of yourself. Your feelings are your barometer of Being.
(me):  What does that mean in simpler terms?
(HS):  Your feelings tell you where you are in your current energy level of vibration. Your vibrational level is important as we strive to raise the vibrational level of the planet. This is your dimensional experience. You are moving into higher vibrational energies, so it is important to regulate your vibrational energy level throughout the day, moment to moment. Focusing on your feelings is important to be aware of how you are thinking, and if your thoughts are raising or lowering your vibrational experience. It is much easier to be aware of your feelings than to know what your thoughts are doing to yourself. When you notice your feelings getting jumbled and bunched together, you now know how to work on releasing the opposing energies caused through conflicted thinking to free yourself from emotional bindings. Work on this with as much frequency as you can. Work to keep your awareness present.
(me):  When I am focusing outside of myself, it is difficult to keep focus inside myself.
(HS):  That is part of the mastery. While your focus is on the outside world, it is important to also keep focus on your self as well. That is the balance. Keep your attention in both places. It takes practice. With practice, it becomes an automatic part of you.

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