Shamanic Journey to Aurora, Colorado

Last night I had an amazing shamanistic journey to do healing work with my shamanic group for Aurora, CO and those affected by last week’s shooting at the theatre. I was not sure I wanted to go, as I felt there was a lot of darkness surrounding that area. However, to my chagrin, my guides stated firmly that it was very important that I participate in the healing.  And I am glad that I did, for it was a healing for me – and all of those who participated as well. It is said in healing that when one is healed, so is the healer. This is certainly true.

We began the process by learning the importance of soul retrieval. Whenever we are involved in any kind of traumatic event like an accident or an injury, a piece of our soul is fragmented at the moment of heightened fear/shock of the experience. Until that piece of the soul is retrieved, anything that reminds us or brings us back to that memory reopens that emotional experience. In other words, a piece of us is frozen behind, which prevents the energy from flowing freely throughout our bodies. The greater the trauma, the greater or more pieces of fragmentation that occur within the soul, experienced as separate pieces of ourselves cut off from the whole. It is important to reclaim these pieces so that we function fully as a whole being, with all of our parts intact. This is important both for those living, and those deceased. (More of this kind of work can be learned through Shamanic training).

We next asked our guides to take us to the most sacred place each of us could go. This could either be a safe place from which we normally started shamanic or meditative work, or a new place. I was taken to a place I had never been before (to my knowledge). It was to a planet in a higher dimensional realm. The first thing I noticed was I wasn’t quite solid in body. The landscape looked as if it was somewhat covered in beautiful, pristine snow – but it wasn’t snow. The temperature was perfect. The terrain was somewhat rocky (reddish rock), but I wasn’t sure what the blanket of white was. There were mountains – but not like we know them. These were narrow twisty spirals. It was serenely beautiful. The sky was of changing shades of orange and gold – with multiple suns. The main sun was a large blue-white star glowing benevolently in the sky, with the partial disk of at least one other sun beyond it, and what appeared to be another eclipsed sun beyond that. I say the sun shone benevolently because I realized that everything around me – everything – was sentient. The air around me was of diffused rainbows, like looking through an Aurora Borealis. And while it was quiet, it was not silent. All of the sentient beings sang in harmony, a harmonic haze spread across the planet. I realized this most sacred place never saw complete darkness, as the suns maneuvered so that light always shown – at least in this particular part of the planet.

I was joined by two totem animals I had never worked with before: a small lizard, almost like a gecko, who came with the power/gift of transformation. And a magnificent stag, with a heavy rack of antlers. I was surprised – who were these? And of course, my super guide turned out to be the large blue-white sun herself, giving me her gift of a ray of blue-white light she directed into my lightly formed hand. It burned slightly against my palm, and I felt her presence against the left side of my face as we left the sacred place for Aurora, CO on Earth.

I arrived in her hospital room, one of the critical patients from the shooting. I could barely make out her form under the wrappings on the bed. I saw her only after we retreated to her safe place. The lizard was her totem animal, as it crawled onto her chest in the hospital bed. It glowed a faint golden light. I was told urgently by my guides I needed to help heal her soul. We went almost immediately into her safe place, a place that appeared to be at the edge of a woods, with her sitting by a stream, her bare toes dangling in its flow of water. The lizard was with her and she laughed in delight. The stag stood nearby. Another totem of hers? Her hair was dark and fell in loose waves, her skin olive. I needed to find the soul fragment left in the movie theatre. I felt her main injury as a light burning sensation on my own face: (I saw) a bullet had ricocheted into the right side of her head or face. I next found myself at eye level with the seats in the theatre. The stag had followed me back to the theatre to retrieve the soul fragment. He carried it back to the girl sitting by the water. He licked the side of her face to heal the fragmentation. I knew she now had a choice: to stay here on earth, or pass peacefully to the next realm. Either way, my part was complete.

The rest of my group had converged on the movie theatre and the apartment building of the shooter. Work was done to address the darkness and fears there. As a group, we worked on the dark energies surrounding the apartment building. Here, I used my gift of the blue-white rays of light and left pockets of light on the different landings of the building. A few healers in the group also attempted to gather some of the fragmented parts of the shooter. There were many. In the end, the parts that could be found were placed carefully in a crystalline environment, as it would take some time for it to mend. Lots of loving energy is still needed throughout these areas. For now, we withdrew back to ourselves and each other. Each of us felt lighter for our healing work this night. We are never healed alone.

This brings me to the Hawaiian prayer:
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you

This is a most powerful healing prayer of forgiveness and gratitude. It is healing for ourselves, for others, and for Mother Earth. We are never powerless to affect positive change.  Thanks, Ed, for reminding me again of this wonderful and healing prayer.

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