The Power of Staying Present

Below is what my Higher Self and guides tell me about the power of staying present.

(me):  Hello. What is it I need to focus on today for a blog?
Higher Self (HS):  Staying in the present.
(me):  Will you expand on that more?
(HS):  Staying present-focused helps with fear thoughts and handling emotional waves as they hit as a result of unexpected changes in life’s events.
(me):  Will you explain this more?
(HS):  All of Earth is going through change. While ultimately, this change is for improved experiences in the form of higher energy or dimensional shifts, the changes itself bring about a certain amount of chaotic turmoil in your experiences. This can take the form in changes in relationships, loss of a job, changes in physical body equilibrium, changes in perceptions. To grow significantly involves change, which tends to be uncomfortable, as the changes are moving you away from familiar patterns. But these “safe” and familiar patterns must be disrupted and broken for upward movement to take place.
(me):  How does staying present help with maneuvering through unexpected changes in our life, many which may appear to be unpleasant?

(HS):  Staying present allows you to tie into your emotions. Your emotions are your teacher. You want to make sure you are releasing the emotions washing over the uncomfortable feelings surrounding change. You don’t want to cling to the past as you knew it, but to allow the experiences to flow through you. It is helpful to let go of wanting things to be how they were, and (in its place) hold a curiosity to how things will be. If you hold your attention on expecting positive outcome, you help magic to happen in your lives.

These are exciting times! All possibility is open to you! Do not allow your clinging to past comfortable patterns to recreate the same old patterns in your life. Now is the time to create anew! Allow that possibility to formulate around you. Place your focus on the outcomes you desire and let the past be. You are growing, my dear ones, and all of the Galactic Federation of Light watches, as one might watch with anticipation a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. You have been long in the cocoon, and now it is time to make that final push, which strengthens your wings for flight for the first time.


It is hard to stay rooted in the present.  I am always thinking about what happened sometime in the past, and what I would like to happen in the future.  Or, in some cases, what I fear could happen in the future (which is a supreme no-no, as fears considerably lower one’s energies, and additionally, one attracts to himself the same  level of vibration being sent out).  I suppose there is a balance to be maintained; I am still working on discovering it for myself.

However, I am learning, my power to change the course of my life lies only in my present.  I have the most power over my life at this moment, and it is in this moment I choose, and choose again to make changes toward the direction I wish to go.  The more I can move and work consciously and with purpose, the better the results of my actions.

And when the unexpected occurs, I can respond in two main ways: react with fear based on past experiences, or recognize the potential creative process in which I can do massive reshaping of my present position.

I started this process a few years ago when my husband suddenly and unexpectedly lost his income.  We were living an upper middle class lifestyle on the East Coast, and additionally trying to start a business.  Suddenly, we found our lives radically changing, as most of our savings had been poured into our start-up.  I did some soul-searching, and discovered in pursuing this business, I had been denying an important part of myself; I had not been living in trueness with Spirit.  And so I did an about-face.  I tuned into Spirit and trusted.  I had been feeling a pull for us to move to Colorado.  So I started preparing to do exactly that.  At the same time, we both searched for jobs in not only the state we lived in, but the four states surrounding us.  Nothing.  We got through that year, with me refusing to subside to panic.  And each month, enough money seemed to find us to pay the bills one more month.  Earlier in the following year (2010), my husband jumped on board to support my “crazy” plan to move out to Southern Colorado.  He decided he would precede me, moving out to find a job.  We found him a room to rent in a house in Pueblo from Craigslist.  After talking with the homeowner over the phone, the deal was settled.  (There was trust on both ends: this homeowner trusted we were coming out when we said, and we trusted he would keep the room open for our arrival).  We packed up my husband’s small sports car, and off we drove to Colorado, neither of us having been there before and knowing only what we had found on the internet.  However, the moment we arrived, three days later, I knew it was the home I wanted.  I was sad to go back East after the too-short week’s visit.  But I had to return to pack up our house and lighten our load of belongings.  I was not sad at our sudden reduced financial standing; I saw it as a new adventure.  And a great adventure it has been!  My husband eventually found a job a month and a half later.  We found a house to rent, and I moved out.  A year later, my husband was able to purchase a nice home for us that: though it had been build 70 years prior, it had been built almost exactly to my specifications!  We now live in a quaint chalet with an attic loft.  Here is 400 sq. ft of my sacred space – space for my writing, meditation, music, and exercise.  Spirit has and does treat us well in the folds of trust.

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