Ascending energies is a level of consciousness

The human soul is broad and complex. It is ready for expansion into the higher dimensional realms. This is what is generally known as ascension. Ascension is not a destination or physical place. It is a state of consciousness. Right now, higher frequency Light energies are entering Earth as she and our solar system approaches the closest point to our Central Sun, the “center most sun” of our galaxy. This is a roughly 26,000 year cycle, which brings us back into balance with Light. This means many of us are ready to transcend our current, denser third dimensional way of living and thinking to higher, lighter realms of being. Earth is making her transitional move upward in dimensional awareness, which as massive change occurs, chaos seems to follow. It is no wonder our world and the societies within seem a bit crazy. We, the sentient beings of three dimensional Earth are in transition. We are in the process of accepting transitioning energies into our being, our bodies changing by minute degrees in preparation of living in multidimensional realities.

What does that mean? It means that right now, our thoughts and where we place our focus determine the reality where we reside. We may sometimes find ourselves “popping” into higher dimensional reality where the colors may seem a bit brighter, the air a bit purer, the surroundings more quiet, harmonious – and then find ourselves back into the familiar busy three dimensional environment. But these visits into higher consciousness may last longer and longer, according to the focus of our thoughts.

It is our choice and responsibility to realize and move into our sovereignty as beings. We can choose to accept the higher dimensional energies into our beings, transform ourselves along with earth, or choose to stay where we are. Those who choose not to move forward in these evolutionary changes may find themselves confused, tired and sickly with the effort of resisting. Those not wanting to accept the higher dimensional energies sweeping across Earth will find life seems to get progressively more difficult. Those who are welcoming the Light energies will also experience change, and depending on how fast they are able to assimilate the energies, may also experience confusing sensations, and moments of chaos. Such is the way with vast changes like we are presently experiencing. But these are exciting times, and it helps to keep awareness open and to welcome the unknown as adventure.

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