Ascension is just a beginning

Ascension. So many perceptions and concepts encircle this word, this idea. It has been treated as a noun, as a verb, and as an adjective. Seldom is it associated with states of consciousness.

Ascension is simply raising one’s consciousness out of his or her current state into a higher state of being. Ascension means the act of rising; so ascension is rising into a new higher state of consciousness. It is not the end. It is a beginning in shifting to higher states of awareness, that will continue through life experiences, through life forms, through varying experiences of energetic vibrations – until you merge with Source. In between the 3rd dimensional experience and Source is an almost infinite number of experiential dimensions and vibrational fields. Your journey is wide before you. It is amazing.

Ascension to the next dimensional level of experience to expand awareness beyond what you thought possible in this third, more limiting dimension of experience. To ascend into lighter awareness is to become more light-centered, more love-centered, more heart-centered. It is to allow yourself to become receptive to higher experiences of love and light. To put aside judgements, and lower, denser energies of anger, sadness, hatred, and fear. It is to allow the experience and expectation of hope and trust to lead the way, and to interlace your consciousness with your environment in raised vibration and Creation. We, the many Galactic Councils of Light are here to guide and assist you with these new awarenesses. But as you are your own creators with free will, you must decide for yourself that this is what you desire. It is time for you to recognize your own sovereignty, and the Power that lies within this realization. You are free, dear ones. You decide. Tune within and hear the Voice of your Truth.

Your souls are at the peak of their growth here in the third dimension. Your souls are on the cusp of Expansion. You are ready to expand your awareness, to take on more light, and to shed the emotional baggage you have clung to – for many – over many lifetimes. You are free to let it go. You are free to expand your awareness, and to graduate, ascend to the next dimensional realm of being.

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