Reception of information from within

(me): How do we make ourselves more receptive (of hearing the information from within ourselves)?
Higher Self (HS): [By] learning to quiet within. Stay in conscious awareness. Breathe. Appreciate the present. Move with conscious awareness. This is your life – all the moments and the in-between awareness. Consciously live your life. Your Power is in this moment, the only moment that exists. Remember this. Your Power only lies in the now. Be in the now. Appreciate the now. You can change and raise your vibration of thought – right now. Breathe. Breathe consciously. Breathe with awareness. In this moment you are a conscious, whole, beautiful being.
(me): Why is it I always fall out of this present awareness – into worry, doubts, and fears?
(HS): You need to gain control/management over your mind. You need to reset how you function in your thinking pattens. You have learned bad habits from society; you need to unlearn these habits and learn new habits on focus, gaining power over your minds. When you allow yourself to be fed any kind of information without filtering, it is as allowing weeds to grow in your garden. Soon those “weeds” take over the main purpose of your being, and it gets lost in a disheveled lot, none too attractive and lacking harmony and purpose.
(me): So you are saying worry, doubts and fears are like allowing weeds to spring up in our mind gardens?
(HS): Exactly. You must cultivate your thoughts.
(me) What about fears? Aren’t those feelings we need to pay attention to?
(HS): Your fears are the result of your thoughts. Cultivate your thoughts, and weed out the fears.
(me): Don’t fears teach us caution when necessary?
(HS): Fears tend to rule your emotions, take over/overthrow your minds and your control. Remember, fear is a frequency that you put out during your experience of it. It does not serve you well. When you are in fear, your mind frequency of fears sends out frequencies that attract other lower resonating frequencies to you; generally, you will not appreciate the energies attracted to fear frequencies.
(me): so how do I become and remain receptive to my Intuition. And how do I resist certain sound frequencies and other energies that engender fear.
(HS): Through conscious awareness. Constant awareness is like utilizing a previously unused muscle. The more you use it, the stronger, and easier it becomes to use. Practice conscious awareness. Keep this forefront in your minds. With awareness, you notice when your thoughts and emotions are being hijacked by outside influences. When this happens, notice it. When you notice, you are in awareness, and it is less likely to take deep root into your being. You can control it. Be patient with yourselves; this is a skill, that with continuous attention, will become more natural and automatic.

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