The Well-Lit Path: The benefits of living in connection with Higher Self/Source

What are the benefits of being able to connect to and hear the guidance of Higher Self? It is the equivalent of living with the guide of a Master to advise you in not only the broader strokes of life’s many paths, but to help out with the smaller everyday details as well. One friend who is able to hear her guides regularly told me how she was trying to make a home-based recording for publicity feature, only to find she could not get power to her laptop. She heard her guides suggest: “plug it in to a different outlet”. Sure enough, when she followed this advice, she found there was nothing wrong with her equipment, as she had feared, and only had a short in the outlet. She was also saved the cost of having a tech look at her computer when it suddenly stopped working when her guides informed her she needed to change the batteries in her keyboard. She hadn’t even been aware her keyboard had batteries!

On a broader range, connection with Higher Self helps one confidently persue one’s passion, with the deep knowledge that she is exactly where she needs to be on her path. Life can often feel like you are wandering around in the dark, with thoughts of, “what if I am on the wrong path?” or “what if there is a faster, more direct route to get me where (I think) I want to be?” Being able to get the “thumbs up” or “you need to pursue this line” makes life infinitely more easier and smoother. It is like having your path lit by a bright lantern, so you don’t run or bump into unexpected obstacles on your path. That is not to say all obstacles are removed from your journey through life. It is just that you can find your way around the obsacles easier and quicker.

The best I know how to describe my own connection is that I feel a golden glow of connectedness; a Light that is always with me. With its Presence, I feel that I am always safe-guarded, loved, and never, ever completely alone. It is a feeling of light-ness and ease, and a deep-seated well-beingness that always float around the edges of my consciousness. With this constant Light, I feel close to nature, close to Mother Earth. A certain harmony sings within. It is very comforting.

These are my experiences of what it is like to feel and live connected. What are yours?

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