Working my way through doubts and fears

I had a past life regression done by a trusted shamanic friend last week.  In one way, there were no real surprises.  However in another way, that too, was unexpected, and left me feeling a little discombobulated and uncertain.  I found I seemed disconnected to my Higher Self connection, and overcome with my own doubts and fears.    My past life regression showed me my task was to continue with communicating and teaching Light (and not be the hermit I would love to be).

(me): I am feeling a little lost and overwhelmed.  I hardly know what to think. Any ideas?
(HS): You are afraid.
(me): Yes, I am very much afraid – of tripping along the same paths as before, spending money we don’t have, I need your help. I don’t know how to figure through this by myself.
Will you help me?
(HS): Of course; will you listen?
(me): As best I can.
(HS): You are loved, and you need to love yourself. Fully. You keep despising you, filling yourself with doubt and loathing. Love. Trust the brilliance in you, that you are. You are Light. You can do what you decide you can do. Know this as Truth.
(me): And how do I do this when I am so in fear, I hold myself rigid?
(HS): Let go of your childhood doubts and fears; they are not you.
(me): Easier said than done.
(HS): You can do this if you will it. Only you and your undisciplined thoughts hold you back. Watch your thoughts, they can make you, fortify you or undo you. You are allowing them to undo you. Focus. Your thoughts are your compass. Where do you want to go? Your thoughts point you in the direction you are going. Think yourself into being. Your happiness in life is only the sum total of what you allow for yourself. Success is the sum total of your thoughts. Failure is also the sum total of your thoughts. And [the in between of] neither success nor failure is [like] the “schizophrenic” indecision betwixt the “success” and “failure” (said with humor)…. of course, those definitions are also of your own making! This is why it is helpful to take courses, seminars and have life coaches – not to teach you how to be successful, but to teach you how to discipline your thoughts and think like the you you are meant to be!

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