Yogic bliss and life intentions

I feel good- rejuvenated. I’ve just finished doing my Blissology  yoga for today, the “quickie” – and I am noticing improvements – finally after just three weeks of practice, the moves are coming easier. I am able to hold them longer. And I am able to go a little deeper into the poses. But it has – is – taking my dedication to faithfully practice every day (well, five days a week) to start to notice improvements. Just two days ago, I was questioning myself of ever seeing any improvements, as I was tired, out-of breath, and not able to keep up (with the pace of the video). But I thought, this too, shall eventually pass, and I will get stronger. And the persistence will pay off with the disappearance of the dimples in my skin, and the layer of “cottage cheese” fat showing up on my thighs and lower abdomen….

Much like life. Right now, I am learning new skills to take me in the direction I wish to go, those which allow me more freedom on my own terms. It seems I have far to go – to learn the skills needed to become more confident speaking publicly in different mediums. I will be developing my own inner confidence to accept happier circumstances, to expect the positive rather than living in fear or anticipation of the negative. I need to rewire my perceptual outlook of possibility and imagine myself how I want to become. And then work backwards to accumulate the necessary skills. It is much like slowly stretching previously tight muscles in yoga practice. After consistently and slowly stretching forward, a little at a time without causing the body pain, I am rewarded with greater flexibility of my muscles. Likewise, I build greater flexibility in my mind, my thoughts, my beliefs. And my consciousness expands; slowly at first, but with consistent practice, the expansion of my consciousness, my awareness grows greater and greater. And like my body in yoga practice, the control of my thoughts become more fine-tuned in awareness. I find myself then able to overcome – or altogether circumvent the tough spots which keep me from my desired outcomes.

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