Creating the Flow of Bliss

Below is the conversation I had with my Higher Self and guides (HS) for today’s topic discussion.

(me): What shall we talk about today?
(HS): Light flow.
(me): what is Light flow?
(HS): It is the natural flow of knowledge and love from Source to each being. It is the connectedness we share with Source. It is our One Being.
(me): What does that mean, our One Being?
(HS): We are all joined, right?
(me): Yes.
(HS): Have you ever wondered what that joining was?
(me): I thought it was our connection to being a part of the Light, that each of us carried that piece from Source that created us.
(HS): True. But that is not the answer of how that piece connects all beings. The way most [of you on earth see it], you are connected because you are made from the same material. Our connectedness is more than that. The Light flow is the spark that joins us as One. All knowledge, love – is part of this Light flow. While you have choice on whether you acknowledge this connection, choice on if you allow yourself to experience this connection, all Light and knowledge extends from this Light flow. It is the Source of life in this universe.
(me): Will you explain this more?
(HS): The particles that create our spirits, the basic particles of our beings is Light. This is the building block of Life itself.
(me): What defines Life?
(HS): Life is awareness.
(me): So what is it I (we) need to learn about Light flow?
(HS): Light flow connects us all, is the source of all of our seemingly separate awarenesses. Once you realize that you are united with every being from its source of Light, you can build communication from soul level. This is what you might refer to as telepathy.
(me): So you are saying that once we develop an inherent understanding of our deeper connectedness like mentioned in a previous conversation (see Conversations with my Self: A Primer into Consciousness) about the Joining of Selves, we begin to open ourselves to telepathy with one another?
(HS): Exactly! This is part of the 5th dimensional lessons you will be learning. This is the basis of deeper communication. Once a group of beings become aware of the inherent Connectedness shared, can sense the Light flow, you are opening yourself to deeper Understanding, and deeper Communication.
(me): Is that how you speak with me?
(HS): Yes – and this is how you are able to speak with Trees, Crystals, and eventually, the Animal Kingdom. You will be able to converse with other beings, both human and nonhuman once you establish this connectedness.
(me): Is there anything else I need to know about Light flow?
(HS): Yes. Know that it extends from the heart. In order to connect with Light flow, you need to connect to your heart-centeredness. That is where you will begin to open your awareness to the Light flow. You already sense this whenever you are feeling brightness within you, when you are seeing the golden brightness within with your “inner eye” – each time you feel that buoyed feeling that keeps you from sinking too deeply into sadness. You need to picture yourself opening this flow full force within you. Right now, it is a slow trickle. Picture yourself opening yourself up to this flow full force. Let it shine throughout your being. We promise you, you will enjoy the feeling.
(me): Is this the state of bliss?
(HS): This could very well be termed as bliss. Light is knowledge and Love. And so the full experience of this will definitely qualify as bliss.
(me): How do I keep this on all the time?
(HS): By not clinging to the feeling. When you cling, you are introducing fear. You are entertaining the concept of lack and scarcity. You are introducing back to yourself your veils of separation from Source. You need not cling and hold onto good feeling. Let it flow through you, and it will continue to flow. Enjoy your feelings with love and delight. This is the natural flow of Light.

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