Four blockages preventing full access to Higher Self (Part 1)

(me): What is my focus for today’s blog discussion?
Higher Self/guides (HS): Where you are at present.
(me): What do you mean by that?
(HS): You are working on accepting and loving yourself as you are. You are embracing your qualities and allowing yourself to open to broader possibilities.
(me): Yes, I am working on that.
(HS): Good.
(me): How does that relate to the beauty of the human soul, or the four blockages to Higher Awareness?
(HS): Letting go of doubt and fear is a large step to experiencing your True Beingness. It broadens the heart to allow for greater love – for self and for others, who are connected, extensions to your self, part of your being. Do you see how the four blockages to higher being are connected? Each one: – 1) doubts/fears, 2) lack of self love, 3) busyness of mind and 4) fear of feeling (see – another fear) are all interconnected and interrelated to one another.
(me): Busyness of mind – how does that connect with the others?
(HS): Calming the mind and gaining control over one’s thoughts allow for the tuning into the heart, which help dispel the other doubts and fears, while at the same time allows the heart to expand throughout the person’s being. Allowing oneself to experience his or her feelings again allows access to Self and heart. All is interrelated. So it’s not so hard to accomplish mastery over these four initial blockages to Higher Self and your own divine-ness.

(me): Will you explain more about each blockage and what it means?
(HS): Let’s start with busyness of the mind. Many have come to learn how meditation helps with slowing the mind down, so that its owner might finally gain mastery over his or her own mind. Until then, the mind acts as if of its own volition, allowing in harmful thoughts without filter. Building the skills to slow the mind and be able to focus at will on your identified beneficial thoughts allow for greater focus in your day-to-day events, which lead to greater life focus. With mastery of focus, you may direct your mind, and with that your life source energy in the direction you wish to go. You are able to mold your reality to what you desire; you are no longer at the mercy of your environment – so to speak. You are actually always directing what you bring forward into your life – but when done without conscious control, you do not bring in what you desire, but whatever your mind is focusing upon at the moment, whether beneficial or not. Without conscious awareness, control and focus of your thoughts, you are also subjected more to your surrounding group thought. This means the predominant people in your environment tend to jointly form your reality. This is why it is important to “maintain” your environmental influences as you would maintain vigilance over your thoughts. Again, for those beginning, think of this as you would begin to grow a new garden. In the beginning you must be vigilant over the seeds or seedlings you plant, carefully removing unwanted growth in the form of weeds, and gradually thinning out any overgrowth or unhealthy growth. It becomes easier as your garden matures – but you still must watch carefully over it in order to bring your garden to full ripeness and maturity.
This is also the nature of the mind and its flurrying of thoughts. The mind is powerful as a director of life-force energy.
(me): What do you mean by life force energy? How do I direct life-force energy.
(HS): You – your True Being is life-force energy. Your thoughts propel you in the direction you would go. Your thoughts are your “displays” of your life-force. That is why to let your thoughts flow without direction is wasting your life-force, and to be able to focus your thoughts is to make fuller use of your life-force. You make yourself stronger, in a sense. You are able to use your inherent power more fluidly. With proper, more efficient use of your life-force energy, you are closer to realizing the full sovereignty of your being. Your life-force has within it the Power of creation. This is one of your birthrights.

Coming up next: Blockage #2: Doubts and Fears

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