Insights and changes I’ve noticed with the Ascension process

Ascension affects us in many ways. I have noticed many changes with my body and thoughts over the last 3 years since 2009.

  1. Some of my first indicators involved the need for self purification – or cleansing out my insides through salt purifications.
  2. This precipitated changes in how I looked at food. I was raised vegetarian since age 12. In my twenties, I added fish to my diet, but otherwise maintained my vegetarian (or pescetarian) ways. Three years ago I went through a phenomenal experience that lasted, well, most of the summer (June- August). I lost interest in food and eating – and experienced the inner knowing I did not require food (during this time period). I literally did not need to eat. There was much freedom in this realization – and, I discovered, guilt. You see, our society revolves around food, and relationships revolve around sharing food and eating together. I found that summer, that though I did not need to eat, I grazed on insubstantial things – a handful of crackers here, some cucumber slices there, a slice of cantaloup… because I felt the need to eat something so my spouse was not eating alone, or so that I was not looked at askance at a party or picnic. I also found I am addicted to food. Again, I did not need to eat. But I missed munching on tasty, salty tidbits – like crackers (an addictive snack for me). I could not tolerate heavier food items like proteins, or even breads. But I could munch on a few pieces of vegetables (raw), indulge my sweet tooth in a small piece of fruit, or enjoy the crunch of sea salt covered crackers.

    That summer, my weight stayed the same – as long as I wasn’t eating. But when I lightly grazed, indulging on my food addictions – I dropped weight. I kept fooling my body (not on purpose) with my light “snacks”. My body thought I was eating… but not enough. So off the weight came.

    The results of not eating were all positive (except for the social ones). Physically, I felt I had gone back into my teens with boundless energy. (I was in my late 30′s). For the first time ever, I did not require much sleep. Sometimes I felt I needed no sleep whatsoever, but went to bed only because “that was what I was supposed to do”.

    It was a freeing experience not needing to eat. I was disappointed when it ended, and I found I could eat food again without ill effect. At the beginning of the experience, I was afraid I might be terribly ill with the sudden revulsion to all but the lightest of foods. But with the tremendous energy gain and feelings of well-being, I realized that was not the case. I researched breatharian lifestyles (people who report they don’t need to eat) and found reports of people going without food ranging from months to years. The results were usually a reversal of aging and huge jumps in vitality as well as glowing health. I found that eating is actually hazardous to the body and is what is responsible for our aging.

  3. The next changes of which I started becoming aware was my view on insects, plants, and animals. As a child, I was an animal lover. But then I grew to adulthood I found I had little time for pets – though I was owned by two different parrots for over 10 years. I’ve found my viewpoints on non human beings evolve. For example, I have always had a fear of spiders. This was “bred” into me by my mother’s immense fear of spiders. A few years ago, around the same time as going off food for the summer, I found that spiders might be reasonable entities. More recently, I began to actually consider them as having feelings – that I frightened them, and that they will avoid me because I have frightened them. I found myself experiencing compassion and no longer wanted to eliminate them on sight. Rather, I tend to want to gently move them to a more appropriate place for them. Now, I don’t always follow this as a rule. But I am moving more in this direction. Other insects I also have started pondering on their unique place in our world. I think about the “feelings” of plants and trees. I feel a greater sense of compassion and wanting to tend my environment better. I feel a general sense of unity with my environment, a degree of responsibility.

    I have found myself looking at pets in a broader sense. I look at them as being sensible beings who we need to steward and treat with proper respect. I don’t mean I thought pets could be treated disrespectfully. What I mean is that I see pets as beings with more intelligence than we have granted them. I look at pets and wonder if it is inhumane to keep them locked up as they are. I see homes with multiple pets and feel it is inhumane to keep intelligent creatures locked up for our own amusement without regard for their own experiences of boredom at being penned in. I feel similar, I would guess, to the character Eliot in “ET” when he released all the frogs from the jars in biology class during his mind connection to the alien. Eliot either “felt” the fear and anxiety of the frogs, or experienced ET’s compassion for the creatures.

  4. Since my non-eating experience a few years ago, I find that my attraction to food is changing. I naturally want to limit processed foods. I go through periods of limiting cooked foods, opting for fresh fruits and vegetables. I have found myself having fewer and fewer urges for sweets – that is, cooked or baked sugar-added foods. I am a chocolate lover, but find I can only eat high grade, high cacao content chocolates instead of popular brands like Reeces Pieces, Dove chocolates, or other similar candies. The popular candy brands now turn my tastebuds off, and give me an upset stomach.
  5. Another change is I find I desire a simpler lifestyle. I care little for television, radio and most movies. We have eliminated TV and cable from our home these last few years. Instead we prefer to read and discuss topics of interest.
  6. We (my husband and I) are more health oriented in general. Since picking up and moving from the East Coast a few years ago, we have found we have naturally moved into wanting to walk to our destinations rather than drive if they are no more than a 2-3 mile distance. We found a house in town that would maximize our walking capability to limit our need for driving. We enjoy more outdoor activities like hiking and gardening.
  7. Speaking of gardening, we have launched ourselves in the pursuit of growing as much as we can for our own needs, canning or drying our harvest. We find ourselves in an environment where we can pick “wild” plums off a neighbor’s bush, or pick apples and peaches off other neighbor’s trees (with permission, of course!)to can into jams and preserves.
  8. In the workplace, we seek simpler jobs, no longer pursuing the large dollars, but jobs that allow a quieter and simpler lifestyle. We think about commuting distance and decide higher paying jobs in surrounding cities are not worth it if we can find something closer by that allows us to meet the needs of our simpler lifestyle.
  9. I drink more water, and less of anything else. I find I actually crave water, pure, filtered water. I also crave chlorophyll, eating chlorella tablets like candy.
  10. I find myself indulging in my creative side. A little over a year ago, I found myself suddenly having to have a guitar. It is my indulgent joy to learn to play it, learn different chords and string them together. I have never enjoyed learning an instrument so much. While I played a couple different musical instruments as a child, this is different. I view my classical guitar as a dear friend.
  11. So many might find me rather quirky. Indeed, another change I’ve noticed is I fail to enjoy small talk or gossip. And I have a lot of trouble getting into all the social media. I have to find meaning where I can.
  12. And speaking of meaning, perhaps one of the biggest changes to notes is my feeling of connectedness with Spirit. My little “nudges” from spirit in synchronistic events have evolved to my being able to “speak” directly with my Higher Self and  spirit guides. I feel more centered in life, and living from this spiritual center has become a requirement to live meaningfully.


I think finding meaning is a large driving force behind the changes we are experiencing as we work our way into ascension, the raising of our consciousness. It is a new journey for all of us and one where we can enjoy the new experiences. My life looks nothing like my lifestyle just 3 years ago. What changes have you noticed?

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