Natural Health and Cancer

I just spoke to a woman who has some form of lymphatic cancer. She was out walking around my neighborhood giving out information to encourage people to sign up to vote for the upcoming elections. In giving her reasons why I should vote (again) for the democratic party (I am neither for nor against anymore for my own reasons), she mentioned her illness with which she is currently struggling and the hope she has for the upcoming changes in healthcare.  Following is a synopsis of a part of our conversation:
“What do you have?” I asked her.
“Cancer,” she responded nonchalantly.
“What kind of cancer?” I asked, truly curious. I have talked to so many people struggling with cancer that it has become almost common. Or has it become common now?
And so she told me about her cancer of the lymph nodes, and how she felt fortunate for her present job that gave her insurance, so she could go have the operation(s) she needed for her cancer treatment. She had high hopes for the new healthcare system which would prevent anyone with preexisting conditions from being denied insurance. And that was one of her hopes for Obama.

And I told her the healthcare system, current or future, was one of the things that frightened me. It is taking away our freedom of choice. Currently, the powers that be (because I am too lazy to actually research the actual names behind all the drug companies like Pfizer and so forth) are busy trying to make natural remedies illegal.
“So you have cancer in your lymphatic system? Here is what I would do if I had what you had,” I stated. “I would not go to a doctor.”
“Why not? That is what will keep you alive”, my delusional friend stated. And that is the delusion the medical industry, in bed with the drug industry would have most citizens believing. Their drugs do not keep the sick alive. It keeps them (the drug companies) well monied. So I told my new friend:
“If I woke up tomorrow and found I had what you had, here is what I would do (just to start off with). I would start using chaparral (the herb) in a tea. Chaparral is a natural blood cleanser. It has been touted (quietly) as a cure for cancer. I would work to stimulate my lymph nodes. One exercise that stimulates the lymph nodes is a good rebounder – a small trampoline. And I would eliminate sugars from my diet….” Here she proudly informed me she had just bought stevia to replace the sugars she was using. I had to break it to her.
“Stevia is a plant-based sugar, right? I have not really gotten around to looking at it. The thing is, plant-based or not, it is still a sugar.
“One thing I have learned from hearing about it through a few sources, is sugar feeds cancer.”
“Why didn’t my doctor tell me that,” she responded, incredulous.
“Why doesn’t the doctor tell you a lot of things? Maybe he/she doesn’t know… (and it doesn’t pay them to know). I’ve heard of individuals who beat cancer by (among other things) cutting out all sugars from their diet – that included fruits – so I’m sure that would include stevia.”

We are lead to believe that certain sugars are healthy. Sugars are not healthy. In any form. Agave nectar might be acceptable for use with diabetics, because it does less harm than regular sugar. And raw organic cane sugar might not be as harmful because it lacks the chemicals laced in it that regular sugar derived from pesticide-laced sugarbeets would have. But it doesn’t make it good for you, or even okay – especially if you have cancer. Stevia is still sugar. Honey and pure maple syrup – still sugar. Agave nectar… sugar. Yes, the body can transmute sugar into energy. And for many of us, that naturally-found sugar can be a good thing.

So that is what I would start with if I found out I had cancer. I encouraged her to do her own research – I am neither a doctor nor a nutritionist. I just have been reading and studying health since my teenage years. I have found things that work… and those that don’t. But the last few times I have consulted with a doctor with my “unconventional” natural approach versus their conventional medicinal approach, I did not need their medicine. Last spring when I worried I was coming down with bronchitis, I consulted my herb book and made myself an onion and honey cough syrup. I drank lots of chaparral tea, and ate my garlic. When I decided to play it safe and check in with a doctor, he found my lungs clear, and told me to give the mucus a few more days to clear; he didn’t believe I needed his prescription of antibiotics. (I had made my own). Other colds and flu-like symptoms never advance further. I am on it with my natural medicine cabinet. But, these are my beliefs, and I do live by them.  I would go on to tell you how I believe food is an addiction we (mature adults) could learn to live without (and stop our aging in the process!) but that is probably another story… and most probably wouldn’t believe me, anyway… so I will save that for a later post ;)

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