Raising consciousness

I frequently have feelings of feeling stuck or down, which blocks my forward intention of upward movement in creating the outcomes I desire.  There is great benefit of being able to connect inward to my Higher Self and guides (HS).  I am reminded where I need to focus my attention to move myself from feeling stagnant, to moving forward again.

(me):  Hello. I need some guidance on where my focus needs to be for the new book, my stories, and my blog.
(HS):  Connect to the feelings within you.
(me):  I’m feeling blocked right now
(HS):  what do you think is blocking you?
(me):  I’m feeling a lack of energy, of motivation. I feel overwhelmed with timing moving so quickly and having so much to do. That’s why I need a focus. Will you help me with this?
(HS):  First relax. Allow us to connect with you, relax your barriers. Reach for our connectedness, let the Light flow through you, well up through in greater amounts. Focus on the joy within you, focus on the gratitude. Focus on beauty.
(me):  Ok. what shall we speak about today?
(HS):  Raising consciousness
(me):  What specifically about raising consciousness?
(HS):  How to keep yourself from falling into the doldrums from higher energy experiences or manifestations
(me):  What do you mean by that?
(HS):  When you are within the higher energy field, you tend to begin to question the sustainment of the higher energy feeling, the unfamiliar feelings of peace and well-being. You begin to doubt… and suddenly you are no longer experiencing the higher states of being.
(me):  So how do I prevent this from happening?
You release your control of your surroundings to the Higher Energies, to Light. Do not try to cling to the good feelings. Just relax and allow them to be. Keep your thoughts centered. What we mean by this is to work on keeping your focus in the direction you want to go.
(me):  What about when I just start to feel down.
(HS):  This is part of you minding your thoughts. You are the guardian of what enters your thoughts. This includes monitoring the people you allow around yourself, what you read, and what TV or movies you watch. If these are not supportive for the direction you wish to go, you need to abandon these nonsupportive pursuits. As you work to gain the higher levels of awareness, you are fragile in your newly forming state of being. You must tend to your thoughts with great care. You must learn to care for yourself. Stop the self criticisms. Arrest the doubts. Love indulgently on you. We of course do not mean to hold yourself over another. We mean you need to stop your own self abuse. And surround yourself with similar higher frequency interactions. Remember, the level of energy or frequency you find yourself most around is what you tend to vibrate on yourself. In your fragile state, you cannot afford lower level vibrations around you. So limit these as much as possible. Tend your thoughts.
(me):  Thank you. I feel as though I just wrote myself out of my funk.
(HS):  Our thoughts energetically raised your awareness. Guard yourself aginst accepting more lower frequency awarenesses.
(me):  How can I make this easier?
(HS):  Feel the positive pulse of energy moving through you? Higher frequency thought raises your energy patterns. We will help you as well. Tie into us frequently, and we will send you higher energy thought patterns with which to align your mind. For now, soak in these thoughts. Let our love fill you. We are a part of you. So when you love yourself, you are sending your appreciation to us, and thus empowering your connectedness with us.

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