The 4th Blockage Preventing full access to Higher Self (Part 4)

Higher Self (HS): To continue where we left off…. Today we will talk about the 4th and final blockage: Lack of Self Love.
(me): Why is it so hard to have full love for ourslves?
(HS): This ties in with the other 3 blockages – the lack of self love comes from the fear that you are not complete. It comes from listening and buying into the dark part of yourselves.

(HS): You each have within yourselves the seed of darkness and the seed of Light. Without the seed of darkness, you would have no doubt of yourself; you would have no doubt to who you are. But without the seed of darkness, you also would lose the ability of choice.
(me): So with the addition of the seed of darkness, not only do we gain choice, but we gain doubt into who we are as well?
You get to make the choice of who you are. You have the freedom to create yourself.
(me): How does self love relate here?
(HS): When you make the choice to connect to Light, you connect to Love, You become Love. Connecting to Light, to Source is inviting the energy of Light and Love within you.
(me): So why isn’t it automatic? Why is it I still have a hard time loving myself completely?
(HS): Because you are still identifying with the seed of darkness; you are still buying into fear.
(me): How do I let go of the fear?
(HS): Keep allowing the Light to shine within. Accept that there are darker pieces lying within you. Allow the Light access to all these darker regions. They are all based on fear. Allow these fears to surface. Do not judge them. Accept that they are a part of you, and then let them go. The Light will take care of the rest. No fear can resist the brightness of Light. Allow the Love and Light to flood through you. And regard yourself with kindness, gentleness. You are each precious. You are each filled with beauty. Let that shine through in its brightness! You are dazzling!

(me): What about those who either choose darkness or cannot find their way out of fear?
(HS): Darkness may seem like an answer to some, but the power of darkness is illusory. It is like a soap bubble; sooner or later the bonds and illusions of darkness will break. Those who hold themselves in fear will eventually wake up to the fact that only he or she controls the outcome of his life. No one can prey on another without that other’s permission. Each of you are powerful creators. Fear is a drama shared by all the participants. As soon as one makes the decision to stop participating in a particular drama, it falls away for that individual. When attention is pulled away from a fear drama, energy is lost to support that drama. Enough participants withdrawing from the drama – and the drama falls away altogether, as it can no longer sustain itself. We are talking about removing your life-force energy from supporting dramas. When you take back your life-force energy, you not only empower yourselves, you begin to weaken the drama that appeared to have so much control over you.
(me): So how does self love play in all of this?
(HS): Self love is your stepping into your true identity as Light beings. It’s you reclaiming your sovereignty and allowing your divine-ness to settle about you. It is you allowing Light and Love to flood throughout your being. And it is the final step to turning away from allowing fear to have power over you. It is the turning away from the allure of fear forever.
(me): Forever?
(HS): Well, unless you choose differently. But once you experience the Power of Light, who would want to go back to darkness and fear?

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