The Four Blockages preventing full access to Higher Self (Part 2)

In the previous blog, I introduced the concept that we generally have four blockages that prevent us from connecting fully to our Higher Power.  In the Part 1, I discussed how the busyness of our minds keep us from a solid connection.  In this portion, I continue to discuss with my Higher Self and guides (HS) about the role of doubts and fears.

(me):  Which blockage shall we discuss next?
(Higher Self (HS): Doubts and fears cover a large sector of the blockages. As you know, doubts and fears can be fully debilitating for an individual. It saps his life-force power away from him. It degrades the human soul, and feeds the powers of the dark, which would prey upon darkness and chaos.
(me): Will you explain this more? What do you mean specifically about “feeding the power of darkness”?
(HS): Humans have the power of free will, the power of choice. This is because inherent within each human is the seed of darkness alongside the seed of Light. Each has the choice of which seed he or she chooses to grow. The seed of darkness hides knowledge in favor of blind control and utilizes chaos to gain control over the environment. (There is knowledge through darkness, as well, but it is through the detriment of its surroundings). The seed of darkness appears to take on power over all things through dominance won by fear. Light is also a seed inherent in all beings. It’s Power rises from Light and knowledge. Knowledge through light is through self empowerment and strength through love and harmony. The quick note to remember is darkness rules through fear, Light through love.

So doubts and fears feed the darkness also inherent within each being. This is why we encourage the growth of heart-centeredness to light the darkness within. What happens when you shine light on your fears and doubts? It chases away the darkness! Watch the doubts that accumulate within you. Look at them individually. Allow yourself to feel the fears (doubts are fears, too). And then turn these fears over to your Higher Self. Harboring fears bring no solution in itself. If you have concern over perceived danger, give yourself permission to act on your own behalf. Take action. Build on your perceived weaknesses. Focus on creating what you desire for yourself. Create it within yourself. Hold that focus. Allow your life-force to flow in your designated direction. You are powerful. You need not quiver in self doubts and fears. Stand in your Power. Use your life-force to create your alternatives.

This is where you connect mind focus to surmount your doubts and fears with a new direction of thought. Each perceived challenge comes with the seed of opportunity hidden within it. It is for you to discern the opportunities. Opportunity is always present. When you open yourself to connecting with your heart, you allow the opportunity to show itself.

Don’t allow your doubts to undermine your Light. Your free will allows you to place your focus where you choose. Making your choice from fear is following along the path of darkness. Here, fear rules you. Choosing to focus on your love and passion is to follow the path of Light. Here lies the importance of your feelings.

Coming up next: The 3rd blockage: Fear of feeling

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