The Four Blockages preventing full access to Higher Self Part 3

Higher Self (HS):  Your feelings are your direct path to your heart, which is your direct connection to Light Source. Humans have the gift of a wide range of emotions. Emotions move the spirit. It moves your life-force energy. It helps moves toxins out of your being and move in positive light flow energy. Your feelings are your gift. Your feelings are what make humans so special.

When you stop yourself from feeling, you get bogged down. You create blockages within your being. You create a toxin build-up which eventually brings on illness. You want to respect your feelings – they are your connection to your heart, and through your heart, to Light, to Source.

(me):  What about negative emotions – how do they work?

(HS):  Negative emotions – those feelings that deplete and make you feel smaller, less than – are based on fear. These emotions are entangled with darkness. These are your doubts, fears, anger – again based on fear. Use your feelings to distinguish the uplifting emotions – those you want to focus upon, as they lift you closer to love and Light. The negative emotions, those that compress you are the result of the seed of darkness, which rules through fear. Your fears cannot rule you – unless you give them rule over you, unless you allow yourself to become enslaved by fear. Remember, as creator beings, you have the Power to create and draw to you what you desire. If you wish to increase fear in your life, you will. If you prefer to increase balance, you will.

(me):  So what do I do with the negative emotions when I experience them?

(HS):  Be aware of the negative feelings. Know each feeling is choice. You are the guardian of your mind. Of course, this takes lots of practice – be gentle on yourself. Allow the feelings to flow through with awareness; do not resist them. Ask yourself if you would like to feel differently. After allowing vent to your emotions, allowing these emotions to “emote” or move through you. Step outside yourself and turn inward to your heart for a different perspective. Look for the opportunity within that which feels negative. Allow for other possibilities. Feel within you for lightness. It is always present; the seeds of Light and darkness coexist in every choice. It is a matter of where you decide to place your focus. Again, with practice, these choices become natural within your awareness. You are beginning to become the Master of your being, the Master of your Life-force, the Master of your destiny. After all, with your choice, you are a Divine Being of Light. Love and embrace who you are.

Next: The 4th blockage: Lack of Self love.

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