Living the 7 Universal Laws: Day 7 of my 50-Day Challenge

One thing I am noticing through consciously incorporating the 7 Universal Laws into to my daily living is how much I need to reprogram my thoughts. And my thoughts lead to the words I say. I am thinking about how much I feel tempted to “correct” my husband on various behaviors. This specifically relates to the Law of Allowing. Over the last several days, I have caught myself saying something to my husband about something he is doing, such as, stuffing extra large chunks of food in his mouth, wolfing down food, or other behaviors that don’t agree with my own. And repeatedly, I have to remind myself about the Law of Allowing. Just because I don’t approve of a behavior does not make it my job to correct it in another. So how far does that extend? The Law of Allowing is about accepting another’s differences. It is also about getting out of the way to allow the Universe to manifest our desires. It is about freeing our energy to appreciate more, without worrying about what else is going on around us. It’s about being able to let go of the tight “control” we believe we have on everything around us. Living within the Law of Allowing is about letting go and being – allowing ourselves the freedom to be exactly who we are. And allowing others around us to be exactly who they are with complete freedom. Allowing is about learning to let go of judgment – of ourselves and others. And with that letting go of judgment is a sense of well-being. I don’t have to worry about if he/she is right or wrong. He/she just is. And I can delight in the beauty of that other – and as I choose to do with all else in my environment, I can choose to overlook that which I don’t find attractive. I instead choose to focus on the attractive. In this, I am tying into the Law of Polarity, and seeing the positive, the beneficial in not only every event, but in every person. It is like the meaning behind ‘Namaste’: “the divine spark in me sees and acknowledges the divine spark in you.”


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