Living the 7 Universal Laws: Day 9 of my 50-Day Challenge

I found myself in a struggle today, not feeling completely at ease in the belief that I am everything I need for my complete success. My mind filled with the familiar doubts and fears of: what if I am not enough? So many other people are (seem to be) so much better equipped than me…. What else do I need to accomplish the financial freedom I desire to enjoy the type of lifestyle I want for myself?  I felt my energy drooping with my doubts.

I identified these thoughts of doubts and fears, and realized it was time to review the 7 Universal Laws again, and look for where I was deviating from my mind programming. I found it: I have started doubting the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance, as well as the Law of Pure Potentiality. The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance states that I am enough – that I already contain everything I need to manifest and live my dreams in life.  The Law of Pure Potentiality states that as a being of pure consciousness, I create everything around me.  To get into creation mode is to act as if I am joined with Source – and then I will get in touch with my pure potentiality.  So I decided to do an exercise. I wrote an essay to myself about how I desired my life to be, as if it was already happening:

Life is affordable – not only that – it is ABUNDANT!!! We just came back from a lovely wine tour off the Island of Crete and Tuscany. I had my first olives on site – it was awesome. The people were so friendly, and the views were spectacular!! And I got some new ideas for a new training retreat I’m going to host. I’m think of inviting a yoga component into it….

My coaching clientele are excited about fresh views and angles I offer when working with each of them. I enjoy working in small groups – so speaking comes easily and naturally. I am now offering some podcasts on Blogtalk Radio, as I’ve had several requests to start a radio show online called “Creating Everyday Magic”.  My life is everyday magic.

We still live in our simple home here in Pueblo, and we’re invited to visit so many awesome people in so many gorgeous places. We are, as a result, putting finishing touches on my attic loft so we can host a few of our friends – we’re having a neat little bath designed and a mini bedroom enclave that still leaves my writing area and the rest of the space with an open feeling.

Kenn (my husband) is happy as a part-time HR consultant. It leaves him free to work with families who want him to design their own simple greenhouses. Once we figured out the problem with our poor quality soil out back behind our house, we have taken off with growing vegetables and herbs in a number of different environments. It seems our house is “crawling” with plants! Good thing we have a trustworthy neighbor with a green thumb who is able to come over and care for them when we are out of town.

I have plenty of time for writing, and I look forward to my small-scale trainings. I feel like I am making such a difference, the way I am touching people’s lives. It is such a gift to see these women (and occasionally men) begin to open to the endless possibilities in their lives. I have a special small group that, on their graduation, I will be presenting them each with my signature Ugly Duckling Trollbead as a symbol of having overcome the negative in their lives, having graduated into their own Masters of Being and Reality.

I love life – it is so much fun!! I find I really, really love to play – and I’m so good at it :)

And so there it is, my refined me.  It feels really good!  I am working on becoming my own Master of Being and Reality.  I will be the first graduate of my own program!


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