Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 5

As I move through living day-to-day with my intention on the 7 Universal Laws, I work on consciously incorporating these laws into everyday life. I put my focus on thinking of my own completeness of being, referred to in the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance. I think of how I am my own self-contained package, ready to make manifest my own dreams. Just how often have I unknowingly and unthinkingly limited myself from doing what I wanted to achieve goals because I didn’t believe myself capable, or “good enough”? How often have I deliberately set my sights lower? Played it “safe” by living smaller? The image of the story of the baby circus elephant tied to a post comes to mind. The story tells of how the chain tying the elephant to a post was gradually reduced down to a small string by the time the elephant reached adulthood. As the elephant grew, his attempts to move from the stake in the ground, became more diminished, until as an adult he stopped all attempts, never guessing he could simply walk away with the now slender string looped about his thick, muscular leg. Have I become like that elephant? Have I been living with blinders on, denying my own freedom?

I am seeing how the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance is closely joined to the Law of Allowing: I am allowing myself to move forward without the typical berating myself for letting past opportunities pass. I am looking forward to all possibilities, hooking consciously into the Law of Pure Potentiality where I can set myself free to float into whatever possibilities I can bring into my conscious awareness. Of course, this also ties into the Law of Deliberate Creation. At the same time, I am stepping back with an excited air of detachment (Law of Detachment) – what will happen? What will the Universe help me manifest as a result of my focused intentions? This is so exciting!

I have identified a graduation reward for myself at the completion of my 50 days – something that is complete “fru-fru” – but fun. I have newly discovered Trollbeads from my East Coast friend and shop owner of Delaware’s Purple Sage Teas, who has newly started carrying a limited line from Trollbeads. I find this jewelry line mesmerizing, and observe that I am probably having more fun admiring the beads on the internet and planning what I might eventually order than I would the actual wearing of these extremely high quality and equally highly priced beads!

But I thought I should have a reward to start celebrating my wins. In my growing awareness and appreciation of everything around me that I place my attention upon, I am gaining a sense of appreciation for myself.  I have never celebrated wins before; I have never truly appreciated myself enough to find celebrating wins necessary. Perhaps that is why my wins have diminished over time. So part of my spending the next 50 days incorporating the 7 Universal Laws into my life and lifestyle is celebrating my success in this new appreciation for myself, and celebrating my positive and deliberate creations, as well as my allowing – with excited detachment for these new positive changes to manifest fully into my life.

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One Response to Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 5

  1. Erwin says:

    Kannan J,People call their own capacities the Universal mind baseuce of binary thinking that has the mind separate from the body and the subconscious as separate from the conscious.People who have been thinking about thinking for thousands of years, long ago recognized that there are no separation layers. There is only subdued awareness for the sake of practicality.Around the fifth century a man named Vasubandhu recognized that there must be a level of being that is beyond karma storage baseuce karma is an effect, so there must be something to be affected. Later a man named Tientai summarized Vasubandhu’s work and that of man others in a recognition called ichinen sanzen. That recognition enables the barriers of awareness to be let down, and the three thousand aspects of a moment of consciousness be simultaneously be in awareness. Decisions that seem difficult become a matter of perusing the aspects as one chooses with no limitations.If you let go of dichotomous thinking, life becomes much clearer.References :