Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50-day Challenge

Two days ago, I started a 50-day challenge for myself to live the Seven Universal Laws and see how it changes my life. One of the first changes I am noting is becoming aware of how my thoughts tend toward the negative. I have caught myself thinking along a certain line of thinking and stopped, realizing: hey, that’s negative. Now how can I frame my present experience in a more positive manner? Here I am consciously thinking of the Law of Polarity. I choose how I interpret my experiences. Each experience or situation can be looked at from a number of angles – but mainly, we can choose to see the beneficial value or the destructive value. For example, yesterday I was hanging up some laundry on our clothesline. It was a beautiful October afternoon, and the sky was a deep blue. But I found myself feeling annoyed about a neighbor’s dog barking continuously. I found myself focusing on it, and thinking unkind thoughts toward the dog and the neighbor who evidently hadn’t thought to train it on barking. And then I stopped myself. Here I was outside enjoying absolutely beautiful weather during my favorite time of the year – and I was going to let a mere dog a few houses away have power over my complete enjoyment? I took my focus off the dog being annoying, and began to think how I could view the barking in a somehow positive fashion, such as, a dog’s barking is an early warning system: something could be wrong or out of place, or, perhaps it, too, was enjoying the day and was just barking at someone strolling by. Then I implemented the Law of Allowing: I will allow the dog to be as he is without trying to change him. It’s amazing, as soon as I let go of the annoyance and proceeded on with enjoying my experience of the afternoon, the barking ceased – at least for the moment. I allowed myself enjoyment of the afternoon. I felt good. I began to realize just how much negativity my thoughts tend to generate – but also appreciated that I was able to recognize this as I was thinking the negative thoughts, and therefore able to switch to more positive lines of thinking. I felt empowered.

So these last few days, I have found myself relating specifically to two of the Universal Laws: the Law of Polarity and the Law of Allowing. To review, the Law of Polarity gives us the choice of how we choose to see a set of circumstances or experiences. We can place our attention on the worst angles, or appreciate its beneficial aspects. These dualistic aspects are inherent in each situation or experience. The Law of Allowing is about letting go of wanting to change something about another being. It is about letting go of judgment, and letting go of resistance. When we are able to stop resisting, energy flows more freely. There is more easement, which opens us to experiencing greater freedom.  And we feel… well – good.

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