Spiritual Living… or How to be Spiritual

Spiritual living is learning to live from the heart center instead of from the logical mind as society teaches us to live. When we tune inward to the heart, new possibilities open to us, as the heart knows no limits. Thus, learning to live from the heart is learning to live without limits.

We are creator beings, but our minds cannot conceive of this. So living through logic, we believe there are limits, as we limit ourselves to what we can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. We cannot sense the unlimited, or touch the creative process of our thoughts and imagination – unless we learn how to sense these possibilities through the heart. When we learn to be heart-centered, we as human beings become centered. Through self awareness, we start to recognize and acknowledge our inherent power to create. We become aware that our creations begin first within our minds, with the power, and lifeforce energy of our thoughts.

Once we are aware of the power we possess to create, once we understand our world is an accumulation of our own creations powered by the lifeforce energy of our thoughts, which also determine the level of vibration we emit that activates the laws of attraction to bring more to us of that which shares our vibrational frequencies – we become conscious creators. We become able to use our power of creation beneficially, and life becomes fulfilling, enjoyable, and full of wonderment from the infinite possibilities we realize are open to us. We are open to experience higher levels of consciousness as we begin to consciously raise our vibrational frequencies emitted by higher (positive feeling) levels of lifeforce energy in our thoughts.

Spiritual living is living on a higher level of conscious awareness. Spiritual living is heart-centered living, which opens us to the beauty surrounding us. Spiritual living is learning to live in synchrony with our Divine nature.

I know this is way much easier said than done.  But it is first important to get these ideas into our thought patterns, and then gradually…gradually, these ideas start to sink into our beliefs (as we keep reminding ourselves – until one day we find that our life begins to fall naturally along these lines.  So spiritual living is living in an open process of striving for improving our connectedness into higher vibrational consciousness.  Being spiritual is consciously opening the heart to listening to and (learning to) trust the guidance coming from the heart over the logications of the mind.  Learning how to be spiritual means we are beginning to open ourselves to the possibilities that there are other worlds, and other realities than what we have been taught to notice.  With this new realization, whole worlds and possibilities open to us, enabling us to spread those invisible wings we never knew we had, and take flight on paths that logically may not have existed.

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    You couldn’t pay me to ingore these posts!