The 7 Universal Laws – and my 50-day Challenge

I have been limiting myself. I came to this realization quite suddenly on review of the Seven Universal Laws. I have been limiting the outcomes of my success and creating disaster in my life instead of what I desire. I believed I couldn’t help it: I found my relationship with my husband taking a huge nosedive in response to his stress at work – and my resistance to having to put up with his outbursts at home.  I sunk into a mini depression over our relationship issues.  In addition, my loss of my part-time job at the nature center led to my filing for unemployment (a depressing thought on its own) and then looking for new part-time work that would fit in with my own work schedule of creating my new business venture; along with realizing the website we had created just wasn’t cutting it – and having to take time away from all other activities to start at the drawing board, to recreate and fine-tune our business intentions.  I have not been in the highest of spaces.

The Seven Universal Laws sum up how we each are responsible for taking control of the events that lead to the results in our lives. Our conscious understanding of these laws and applying them demonstrate how successful we are in achieving our desires and living with joy. The seven universal laws are stated as follows:
1) The Law of Attraction: we attract to us the same vibrational energies we broadcast through the quality of our thoughts.
2) The Law of Deliberate Creation: we create that which we focus our thoughts on. Emotional thoughts attract results even more quickly. This works with our fears as well as what we desire. The point is to create deliberately to bring desirable results to our experiences.
3) The Law of Allowing: Each being is free to be as he/she/it is. We let go of judgment of another. This allowing stops us from being upset on the differences that we may try to wish upon another; we stop trying to change and focus on the beauty instead. When allowing, we also step aside and let the Universe perform as it sees fit, and even grander results than we might have imagined are permitted to manifest into being around us.
4) The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance: we realize that we have within us everything we need to design our lives exactly as we desire. We tune into the natural abundance around us, and that we truly are free to create everything we would imagine for ourselves. We are reminded to feel gratitude for everything we currently have, and that present joy allows the creation of even more! We realize, we are enough – right now, right here, and that we need nothing else to be fulfilled, because we are already completely whole right now.
5) The Law of Pure Potentiality: here is the realization that our true nature and essence is pure consciousness. And with that pure consciousness, we are Creator Beings. There are no limits! Except what we place on ourselves. Our potentiality is truly boundless. We have the power to manifest whatever we can see in our minds. We are indeed unlimited, and free to soar as high as we can imagine possible for ourselves.
6) The Law of Detachment: here, we create and desire manifestations into our lives with a sense of detachment. Detachment because we understand we don’t have access to the greater, wider picture. And so oftentimes, we shortchange ourselves in limiting the possible outcome we think we desire for ourselves. So it is important to maintain a sense of detachment: a thought of, “something like this…or better”. This allows the Universe to bring into manifestation something even better, where attachment to a certain outcome might have prevented the greater, magical result.
7) The Law of Polarity: Is the duality of all things and situations. We can choose to see each part of our lives from one of two angles. A simplification might be: the glass is half empty or half full. Each situation, each experience can be interpreted from two basic sides: its beneficial aspects or detrimental. We choose our reality thusly.

So, how and what I focus my thoughts on provides me with my present circumstances. Much, much easier said than done! I find my emotions swaying with the information I hear and take in around me. When my spouse unloads his anger and frustration on me, I feel upset and depressed. When I look at the prospect of looking for part-time work, I feel frustrated. When I look at the prospect of starting a new business venture, I feel overwhelmed. I have doubts on where I am heading: is this the right direction? Does my mission statement best encompass what I am intending, or do I need to wordsmith things more? Is my message clearly understandable and meaningful? Does it grab attention and stimulate interest?

Yes, definitely it is much easier said that we can direct our success through focused attention on what we desire more of in life. It is so much simpler to state that I create my environment, and so if I desire myself a successful coach with more than enough clients, that I have so many streams of income, I can take time off, to say, Tahiti for a two-week vacation – and I can – poof! – make that happen with just simple little things like focus, knowing, trusting, and having faith that I have everything I need, allowing these things to occur – by (simply!?) getting out of the way! And staying in a relaxed, happy (higher vibrational) state of being, because I am blissfully aware everything is going (will be going) exactly as I anticipate them to be going – never mind the present situation, because – that’s just an illusion, anyway! Okay. (Deeeep breath).  So I definitely am going to have to work on this. I will commit to being the Master of my Being. I will commit to living with the most conscious awareness, the Seven Universal Laws.

I will write in on this blog every other day as to how I am doing and progressing on this Project. I commit to 5o days of living with attention on the 7 Universal Laws. So starting today, October 18, my official end date will be December 6. How will my life change during this time? What grand successes will I encounter along the way? How does conscious attention to these seven laws change the course of my life – put more money in the bank, and invite more satisfaction to fulfilling my own Life Purpose? We shall find out. I invite any who is reading this to join me, and post their results as well. So – here’s to the 50-day challenge!

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