Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 15

Life is back in the positive and I am feeling upbeat. Allowing myself full permission to feel my loss and grief has had a cleansing effect. While I still feel sad about the permanent loss of my friend, I also feel I can move forward with life and celebrate the fun remembrances. And I will always carry with me the spirit of my dear friend.

I am feeling hopeful. I am progressing on my work designing my new website. The reconfiguration of the site has caused issues with my blog, so for the next few days, these blogs will not be available as my webmaster husband reconstruct my blogs using a whole new system from WordPress. I am working on keeping my thoughts and expectations positive as I formulate my new venture; I am keeping the Law of Deliberate Creation firmly in mind as I visualize my possibilities. I also am receiving constant confirmations from Higher Self and spirit guides that I am on the right track, and to keep trusting, keep listening. I continue to consciously align myself with positive, listening intuitively for how I am to proceed next. Accordingly, I am following the Law of Pure Potentiality to manifest and bring into reality my visualization of my new coaching program. I am excited about the potential of positively affecting so many lives as I show my future clients the power of living within expanded consciousness and living passionately the lives they always dreamed of living! I am looking forward to starting my program of training others to become Masters of Being and (their) Reality.

Right now, I am living in constant reminder of how I think and what words I use when I speak. For example, I sometimes catch myself thinking, or about to say “I can’t afford this right now” and have to stop myself. I do not wish to put out into the Universe that I cannot afford something, because in the Law of Deliberate Creation, that is what I will create: my not affording what I desire. So instead, I change my thoughts to: something may not be in my current budget, but that can be amended if needed. The thoughts that I am currently working on reprogramming into myself are therefore: “I have enough time to do what I need to get done, and I have enough money for whatever I need and desire into my life right now.

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