Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 17

I really enjoyed my Saturday today. Incorporating the mindset from the 7 Universal Laws, we altered our shopping mindset downtown during a break in our work schedule. One of the pastimes my husband and I enjoy is admiring, and sometimes purchasing natural fiber clothing and pottery – especially those handwoven or artistically made locally. We are fortunate to live in a very artsy town. Today, in advance preparation for the holidays, the fiber arts community was hosting a sale of their products – an assortment of scarves, hats, shawls, blankets, and the like along with pottery pieces. We stopped by the beautifully preserved building that was formerly The Vail hotel in the early 1900′s to check out the local fiber arts. We really enjoyed our conversations with the local artists, and ended up spending much more than we normally would on a few items. I found a heavy woolen scarf for my husband that was beautiful in its simplicity, and a gorgeous rustic pottery water pitcher that I thought would be a beautiful addition to my rustic attic loft where I spend my days writing. The deliberation came as I attempted to decide between the water pitcher and a lovely purple and black scarf woven from a blend of alpaca hair and silk – both fibers I prize in outerwear. We abruptly decided we would find a way to make both affordable in our budget.

 Later, I had the realization that in consciously utilizing the Law of Attraction, thinking and acting as we did is exactly how we continue to attract more abundance into our lives. In the Law of Attraction, the general beliefs that we send out from our thoughts and actions attract more of what we are sending out. So if we had decided that the purchases that we wanted to make were simply too expensive, and that we could not fit them into our budget, we would have sent those thought waves out into the Universe, and indeed that would be our reality. This is not to say that it is okay to go on a shopping spree and spend money we don’t currently have, or spend money that is to be used for our bills. On the other hand, at higher vibrational levels, I am sure that we could spend greater quantities of money, once we are firmly in the mindset of the knowingness of attracting the amount of money we need in the time we need it. However, I am not yet at that level. I am working up to this level, and I would know I am there by not feeling the limitations of our present finances.

Needless to say, I am enjoying my beautiful water pitcher here at my writing table, as well as the warmth of my new scarf that coordinates perfectly with my wardrobe. I feel great, and these positive feelings that are sent out all around me magnify the good will and positive feelings we experience in our immediate environment as we go out about town. Feeling great is contagious!

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