Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 19

As I near the half-way mark of my 50-day challenge consciously incorporating the 7 Universal Laws into my everyday living experience, I am starting to notice changes about myself. I am noticing that I am feeling more confident in myself. A year ago, when I was typing my first words that would become my first book, I had brought my spiritually-given name out of the realms of private use and brought it forward for public display for my book. I wasn’t sure how I felt about myself in this new persona. I felt I had a long way to grow to fit into this specially-given name. In the last several months, I had felt growing pains, as I struggled with this new identity. “Am I up to this,” I had wondered, “do I deserve this?” Spirit never lies.

 Now I find myself standing straighter, feeling more confident in my new, more encompassing me. I stand with much greater certainty of myself and what I have to offer. I am excited, alive, passionate. I believe in me. I am witness to myself shaping my world. I feel like I can relax within the Law of Allowing, and allow myself to enjoy my everyday life, despite the pressing matters of time and all that needs to be accomplished within it. I can let go of my previous training in the way I was raised to view money and finances. Instead of clinging tightly to money for its use within constrained expenses, I feel I can let go, hold it loosely in my hand, so to speak, and use it as any other tool I might use for benefit. In my allowing, I also follow the Law of Detachment, and hold a sense of detachment with money, holding the growing certainty that more money will be made available when I need it.

Today’s experience provides an apt example. I had identified a Trollbead leather bracelet with the silver Ugly Duckling Trollbead specifically as my graduation present to myself for living and growing through the application of the 7 Universal Laws in my life. As Trollbead jewelry is somewhat expensive, my reasoning of fitting it into my budget ran along the lines of: living these Universal Laws, I should be able to attract the funds for paying for the jewelry. Today, I unexpectedly received a check in the mail that exactly covers the cost of the bracelet and fancy lock I had chosen (but not the charm). I am sure that the cost of the Ugly Duckling charm (which signifies the growth of the human spirit through hardship and challenges to emerge into the beautiful quintessential swan) will also come to me by my time for graduation. This unexpected check, which is not from a person but from a corporation over some wrongful suit I was included in, is the largest check I have received to date. I feel the magic sparkling all around me!

So with these new views, I grow, and hold witness to myself transforming into the first graduate of my new training to become Master of Being and Reality.

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