Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 23

Yesterday and today, questions began to assail me about job and career as I filed job applications in order to qualify for unemployment since losing my job at the Nature Center. I found my emotions spiraling as I went through the stressful process of searching for qualifying jobs. How do I stay positive while looking for a part-time job amid the frustration of not finding adequate help from the local workforce center, nor jobs worth applying for? For that matter, how do I maintain a high vibrational attitude at a job I dislike and find no purpose in? There is so much negativity around me… how might I rise above it so it does not effect me?

 I posed these questions to my Higher Power, and suddenly found myself thinking of a new question. I suppose the real question is: why do I believe that work must be difficult and unpleasant? (I’m starting to realize an important shift here). I have been operating under the general, unquestioned belief that work is hard, and that building a business is not fun and requires long hours of unpleasant work. I have believed making a living is tiring and demanding. That doesn’t have to be true! Let me review my 7 Universal Laws to see where I am….

The Law of Attraction state like attracts like. The Law of Deliberate Creation states that I can consciously, deliberately create through conscious intent; through the creation (imagination) of my thoughts I begin to form my reality. The Law of Allowing is about allowing my output – my wishes and desires – to come into being in accordance to the Law of Attraction… which allows in for other greater occurrences for which I would not have thought to ask.The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance states I am enough as I am, for I contain all the answers to living my dream life within myself (as creator…Master of Being, Master of Reality). The Law of Pure Potentiality states that I can align myself with Source and tap into creation as pure consciousness – because that is what we are when we allow that realization upon ourselves – which opens us up to greater freedom of being, away from our own self-imposed limitations… and fears. The Law of Detachment is about not becoming too emotionally attached to one outcome or another. It’s about not letting our emotions get in the way of creating what is truly in our best interest, as opposed to what we may think is in our best interest. Our emotions help us create and bring into being what we have emotions over. If we are attempting to create steadfastly one reality without allowing for change (as in upgrades to our desired outcomes) we stand in our own way of upward progression. And lastly, the Law of Polarity is about making the choice of which side of any situation or thing we choose to place our focus. We can see the potential upward spiral of energy, or what leads to the downward spiral of energy.

So, with all that, I create my work environment. If I don’t like it, I can choose to utilize my knowledge of the aforementioned 7 Universal Laws to change my situation to how I like it. I align myself with Source to create my new desired environment. While it may not happen overnight, and may take time and patience as I begin aligning my vibrational energy with what I do desire, I can rest assured that I have the power of creator being to achieve my desired results. I am the Master of my Being; I am the Master of my Reality!

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