Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 25

Words are important. I was thinking on this yesterday as I was reviewing why and how I say something creates the positive or negative feelings I experience. Words spoken aloud contain the power of creation. While we certainly add to creation with thoughts, speaking thoughts aloud brings them into being faster. Spoken words are vibration. They attract that which travels along those same vibrations. Language contains the collective consciousness of the society which formed it. Within the language of words are the emotions imprinted of that society. So when a curse is spoken, not only is negative energy spread from speaking the curse, it carries within it the history of all the emotions attributed to that word. It becomes a powerful implement drawing to the speaker the emotional vibration of itself multiplied many times over. Affirming words are similar in that its speaker draws to him or herself all the affirming emotions built around those particular words.

 Words are powerful. When endeavoring to bring about a wish into reality, it helps to speak that wish or intention aloud. Speaking aloud helps solidify the intention – both to myself which helps the idea form more “solidly” to myself, and to any other to whom I share my intention. The vibration of speech helps formulate the thought into reality.

I am reminded of this as I review my intentions for what I want to bring forth into my life. I wish to enjoy what I do as well as be able to not only pay my bills, but be able to go out and enjoy life. I wish to travel, to meet new people on my travels, learn about new cultures, learn new languages. I love to sample wine from different regions around the world; I feel like I can “taste” the earth of that region within the wine. There is so much to see and do! And it starts with thoughts and words. It is day 25 of my challenge. I continue to monitor my thoughts, monitor my words. I have seen already positive results from my efforts thus far, and I feel like I can carry this so much further.

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