Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 29

It seems as if my 50-day challenge on incorporating the 7 Universal Laws into my daily living is inviting circumstances to make sure I understand the application of these Laws fully. I am now working out the way to live positively and with deliberate creation in the wake of an unexpected death in the family.

When dealing with a death in the family, I am reminded of the importance of the application of the Law of Allowing. Over the last few days I have found myself dragging and tired from interrupted sleep – typical during family emergencies as we receive updates from family members in a different timezone than us. So it is important to allow myself rest in the form of naps, or to take it easy in my exercise routine so I don’t push myself into or past exhaustion. During times of stress and crisis, it is important for me to remember to love myself and respect the natural limits of my body, and care for it with plenty of filtered water and rest – when I can get it.

It is also important during family crisis to practice allowing with other family members. Each person is unique, and needs to deal with change in his or her own way. It is important to allow those differences in order for me to keep my own peace, without getting overly concerned about the reactions and behaviors of others, no matter how inappropriate it may seem to me. Instead it is helpful for me to remember to practice loving kindness both for myself and others, and simply allow others to be as they are. Stress and unexpected change is a test for us all; it is up to each of us how we approach and handle the unexpected. In choosing the method of approach to stress, we put into play, whether consciously or not, the Law of Polarity. I can choose how to view each situation by focusing on the negative, or hardship it may provide, or its blessing. While it is important to grieve the loss of a loved one, I think it is also important to celebrate that lost one’s life, even while we may be struggling with the pain of separation.

So I will look forward with greater allowing, thereby lowering my usual stressful response and instead continue with appreciation and gratitude for what I do have. I enjoy life with all its turns and sharp angles, because I am the Master of my Being, Master of my Reality. The light in me blesses and acknowledges the light in you.


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