Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 31

I have encouraged my husband to participate in my challenge of living the 7 Universal Laws to manifesting desired outcomes. In his first week, he has noticed he has moved from dreading his job to experiencing job peace of mind. Working in a call center, he handles angry and demanding customers. Using the mind reprogramming methods, he is typically able to take angry calls and transform them much more smoothly into happy or thrilled customers. I have noticed him arriving home much less tense and angry. Life is improving! ;)

We are in the active process of allowing family members to be during our continued and extended family crisis from death of a family member. Right now we are in a holding pattern as we await details on when burial can be arranged. We (my husband and I) are looking at a 2-day drive, which we are planning to enjoy. If I have learned anything from my now deceased mother-in-law, it is to enjoy life and its experiences. She lived her life to the fullest, and she has my admiration for that. I plan to live more for the experiences, and shape each one for enjoyment. Death teaches us to treasure and enjoy life more.

Changes I continue to notice about myself: I have to watch my wording – even in my thoughts. I am much more conscious of what I say. I am still working on staying positive in my speech; while I catch myself slipping up, I am immediately aware and make changes to restate things more positively. My husband and I are both more aware of how we directly affect our present life experiences. We have taken ownership for our reality as we see it. Even my weight is nearing my ideal, and I can finally fit into the jeans I bought almost a year ago… that almost fit. I see these changes as giant steps forward… I am witnessing us both moving forward to becoming Masters of Being, Masters of (our own) Reality!

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