Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 33

I’m noticing more changes about myself. They seem minor at this point. It seems my voice is changing a bit. Last month I had started recording my two books for audio downloads. Yesterday, as my husband worked on the final touches, there was need for me to re-record over some areas. My voice sounded different… kind of more… lighter. This was not just a case of different time, slightly different acoustics. I had voiced over previous pieces before with no voice change. I’m yet completely in my new patterning yet, however. I still have to be vigilant over sliding back into my old way of thinking. But I am empowering myself more, expecting more.

Today I had a small slip where I had trouble grappling with the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance. This Law affirms that I am enough, which means I need not be so attached to specific wants or desires. Hmmm – this also addresses the Law of Detachment. I have been finding myself getting a little too attached to the Trollbead jewelry. What is it exactly that has my emotions hooked in on this product? After the disappointment of missing my UPS delivery (I was looking forward to my first look at the silver beads… and just looking forward to wearing my leather bracelet) I found myself emotionally low. I tried to reason with myself about the additional wait, found myself upset that it would mean hanging around the house another day waiting to sign for the package. Evidently, I am still having to work on the mind re-progamming for positive thoughts. Or maybe not. I called UPS and insisted on being able to contact the actual delivery office. UPS contacted me back and, after explaining my dilemma, I was given the choice of picking up the package later tonight from their warehouse, waiting to see if the UPS driver had time to make a 2nd trip, or meeting the driver in the vicinity of his location at that time. It was only about a mile away! So my story has a happy ending, with my “house arrest” for tomorrow lifted.

I still need work on detachment from certain wants. However, awareness is half the journey. I continue forward toward my goal of fully recognizing my self sufficiency and its resulting abundance. After all, life is good – if we see it that way.

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