Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 35

I am planning for my trek across country in a few weeks. I will look on this event as my final test to Master of Being, Master of Reality, as we will be spending a lot of time in the car traveling, and meeting relatives over less than ideal circumstances (due to death in the family). It seems as though these types of events bring to surface many interesting characteristics in family members. I will be putting to test my understanding of the Law of Allowing to keep myself from getting drawn into mini dramas that so typically accompany such events.

Of all the laws for moving smoothly through the day, I find the Law of Allowing quite powerful for not getting too caught up in other dramas, especially with my spouse. I am finding that when I give respect for other points of view, or another’s wish for creating or participating in drama, I need not get entangled in it. I can maintain my peace of mind. For me, this takes lots of practice, however, as I am so used to being concerned with what is happening around me, and to attempt to assert my own control over circumstances. Allowing is simply letting things happen as they will. Of course, I’m not speaking about sitting back and watching while another is endangered. I am describing the everyday course of living experiences when another may (choose) to create drama over small things because a certain concept doesn’t fit their preferences, and instead of working constructively to solve the issue, choose instead drama displays of emotions and/or actions. It is invthese that I work on not becoming involved. By reducing downward spiraling energy in my life, I am able to keep more upward movement of energy around me. It becomes easier to raise my vibration, to think along more positive lines, and see life overall in much brighter prospects. And these activate the more positive qualities of the 7 Universal Laws for manifesting what I desire. Contrary to the mindset in which I grew up, if I expect great things, great happenings are much more likely to occur than if I went around preparing for the worst. I used to be the one who thought she needed to prepare for the worst. What’s more, looking back, I realized that I used to spend so much time thinking and preparing for the worst, that I failed to recognize positive events and opportunities. Now that I am learning to tune into opportunities, like a dial tuning into a particular frequency on a radio, I am much more likely to receive what I am tuning into loud and clear.

How freeing this realization is! Instead of having to tune into doom and gloom (presumably to avoid the doom and gloom) I simply have to set my “dial” to the frequency I do desire in my life. There is no need to focus on the dooms and glooms, as, in accordance with the Law of Attraction that would be exactly what I would be inviting into my life. Therefore, I do not watch the news, read the newspaper, or listen to the general radio. I limit the news on the internet I read – if it is too negatively slanted, I skip it and look for something more uplifting. It is much easier to be positive when I am not focused on all the bad news and reports of depravity, death, and destruction!

Living the 7 Universal Laws for manifesting is teaching me just how much my thoughts influence what I experience. With mind reprogramming, I am becoming the Master of my Being and the Master of my Reality.

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