Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Days 39-47

November 25

I’m writing from my road travels. We have embarked on a long road trip covering about 2000 miles. We traveled over 1000 miles yesterday to drop down into Mississippi. I haven’t been this far south since I was a very young child. My father has retired there, and I made it our stop on our way to Florida for the funeral of my mother-in-law.

I had been having trepidations about Mississippi. But I was also determined to reprogram positive thoughts and intentions for our trip. So far, it has worked. We left early on a Saturday morning and managed to encounter absolutely no traffic, accidents, or other hold-ups on our journey. We made only one wrong turn that took us off our original route, but was quickly re-routed into a new route that was possibly even faster than our original route. Everything happens for a reason. When I first realized our driving error, I worked to not get upset over the distance we had to cover. I firmly centered my thoughts on working up a good solution rather than get upset over the wrong turn-off discovered after we had traveled a few hundred miles. It turned out the mistake worked better than the original route.

Our brief stay here in Mississippi has been positive, and we have enjoyed our visit with my father and his relations. I am enjoying viewing a different part of the countryside, and we have met or interacted with pleasant people along the way. I am experiencing the Law of Attraction. One particular incident comes to mind as I write this. Yesterday I walked into a rest stop, and was greeted by the cashier, asking me how I was doing. “Excellent,” I responded, enthusiastically. “How about yourself?” “Fantastic” was the reply, and he seemed to mean it. It was a small exchange, but the positive exchange was energy-enhancing and made me smile.


December 3

Spending over 60 hours over the last 10 days on the road traveling a little over 4000 miles from Colorado to Mississippi, to Orlando and South Florida, Houston and San Antonio, Texas and back to Pueblo has left me unable to keep three of my blog appointments over the last week. We finally arrived back this afternoon from our driving odyssey and I am so happy to be back.

A little over a week ago, I had set my intention for our grueling road trip into family visits and a funeral to be uplifting and fun. I also looked on this road trip as my ‘final test’ for my 50-day challenge to mastering my reality.  I have succeeded. I put aside my dread of car cabin fever to find the magic in our journey and to live with positive light-mindedness. As a result, we had nothing but uplifting and fun experiences during our trip. In fact, our journey took on the characteristics of a fun outing and vacation filled with the fun kind of adventure. First, despite the amount of time spent on the road, we ran into absolutely no traffic, accidents, or other road hold-ups. Yes, there was plenty of road construction, but traffic flowed freely through each section of road construction. While we drove through all hours of the day and night, we never ran into bumper-to-bumper rush hour.

Our visit with family went smoothly and enjoyably – even though family relations are anything but smooth following the funeral for my mother-in-law. However, the negativity was not present at all around us – but picked up where it left off – after we left. My husband and I enjoyed closeness and harmony during the many hours cooped up in the car driving instead of the previous experience of irritability that comes with exhaustion of so much driving and little sleep. We did have one car trouble incidence where the battery died in our car, but this incident happened in front of my friend’s house toward the end of our trip. We were conveniently near a store to get a new battery, and my friend’s husband was well equipped with the tools and expertise to make the otherwise stressful experience one of ease. My road trip flowed along the experience of ease and fun. I made the point each day to set my intention for what I wanted, while allowing for upgrades in my detachment (Law of Deliberate Creation, Law of Detachment) to the results – and I got what I wanted with many upgrades.

As my 50-day challenge draws to an end, I look back over the last seven weeks and appreciate what I have learned and gained. This week, I graduate from my program to becoming the Master of (my) Being, the Master of (my) Reality, and I feel I am continuously learning from and through the magic of this Mastery. Through my thoughts, words and intentions, I really do create my reality – not just how I see things (which utilizes the Law of Polarity) – but the way my very experiences are shaped. For example, last week as we planned our trip from Orlando to South Florida, my father-in-law warned us we would need to leave either earlier in the morning or a few hours later than we planned if we wanted to avoid sitting for hours in the heavy morning traffic around Tampa. Instead, I decided I made my own reality, and that we would leave exactly when we had already planned, because it was quite possible to ride in the “bubble(s)” in between the traffic jams and arrive without delay at our destination. And that was exactly what we did. We experienced no traffic whatsoever, and enjoyed the sights through Florida as we traveled smoothly on our way. This is an example of deliberately shaping reality.

Through all my revelations about manifesting my desires, I still have much to learn. I still have to remind myself to change the way I am thinking when I feel myself getting upset over an unexpected event or perceived disappointment. At times, I still slip up and choose to feel upset anyway. I am still having to consciously make the choice to change my thoughts. Fifty days is not long enough to have effected a complete change in my thinking patterns where I naturally think positively. I am still consciously working at the changes. But they are coming easily. The correcting thoughts are beginning to become almost automatic. And I am becoming more attuned to the applications of my deliberate mind reprogramming into other areas of my life I had not previously considered. I think there is another course for applying the Universal Laws for manifesting in the making….!

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