What is a Life Purpose?

I have been busy the last several months, focused on starting my health coaching practice. I am still focused on this but realize I have spent far too much time away from my blog.  With that in mind, I thought I would write about my own experiences with discovering something that is very important – and seemingly elusive for many of us: finding life’s purpose

How to Find Life Purpose

Today is the three year anniversary of my coming to Pueblo, seeing it for the first time. A few months later, I made my pilgrimage across country to claim this small city as my own. I came here to discover my purpose, live my purpose. Finding your purpose may in occur in several steps.

First step is to be open to yourself, learn to listen. What is listening, and how does one do it? Listening is sitting in quiet awareness. It is self awareness. It is connecting to that deep inner you that resides at your center, your heart. The heart is wise; it is Old Wisdom. And the heart holds the secrets of your “true you” – that which makes you special, unique.

Your “visitations” into self awareness may take time, if meditation or inner reflection is new for you. The most important thing to remember is to be patient with yourself; learn to sit with yourself without judgment.

The next step is to “listen” for your inner joy. You may discover a theme within that makes you glow with happiness when you think of that which brings you happiness. This joy is about the you you like being, or wish to be. Allow the joy of this you to expand. Focus on it. Learn about what makes this “sing” to you. There is a reason you feel pleasure within this space. Your purpose is what brings you your greatest joy. Your purpose is why you are here; it is your reason for existence. It is your dance with Life.

Your purpose may change and evolve over life. It is part of your own self-care and self-love to tune in and notice how your inner “song” might grow and vary throughout life. After all, you are always changing, as life is change.

My own purpose has generally varied along similar themes. Late in my teens, I knew I wanted to work helping others, and to that end, I majored first in Psychology, and later got an advanced degree in Counseling. After several years in that general field, I decided it wasn’t for me, anymore. I spent a number of years attempting to build businesses around designing my own products to help people from a different angle, only to find, belatedly that I was missing an important piece involving Spirit. I had spent years attempting to push and shove against “the flow”. I learned to step back, and listen – inwardly. And small step by small step, I am making my way forward again, following the direction of Spirit, of flow. I am finding my path by following the flow of what comes natural, what feels like me, and what feels good to me. And I am slowly learning to allow my passion to guide me again. I am learning to walk from the Heart. I am following my own Purpose.

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