Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 29

It seems as if my 50-day challenge on incorporating the 7 Universal Laws into my daily living is inviting circumstances to make sure I understand the application of these Laws fully. I am now working out the way to live positively and with deliberate creation in the wake of an unexpected death in the family.

When dealing with a death in the family, I am reminded of the importance of the application of the Law of Allowing. Over the last few days I have found myself dragging and tired from interrupted sleep – typical during family emergencies as we receive updates from family members in a different timezone than us. So it is important to allow myself rest in the form of naps, or to take it easy in my exercise routine so I don’t push myself into or past exhaustion. During times of stress and crisis, it is important for me to remember to love myself and respect the natural limits of my body, and care for it with plenty of filtered water and rest – when I can get it.

It is also important during family crisis to practice allowing with other family members. Each person is unique, and needs to deal with change in his or her own way. It is important to allow those differences in order for me to keep my own peace, without getting overly concerned about the reactions and behaviors of others, no matter how inappropriate it may seem to me. Instead it is helpful for me to remember to practice loving kindness both for myself and others, and simply allow others to be as they are. Stress and unexpected change is a test for us all; it is up to each of us how we approach and handle the unexpected. In choosing the method of approach to stress, we put into play, whether consciously or not, the Law of Polarity. I can choose how to view each situation by focusing on the negative, or hardship it may provide, or its blessing. While it is important to grieve the loss of a loved one, I think it is also important to celebrate that lost one’s life, even while we may be struggling with the pain of separation.

So I will look forward with greater allowing, thereby lowering my usual stressful response and instead continue with appreciation and gratitude for what I do have. I enjoy life with all its turns and sharp angles, because I am the Master of my Being, Master of my Reality. The light in me blesses and acknowledges the light in you.


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Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 27

Positive thoughts eventually yield positive results. I realize, as I pass through my halfway mark, that in these beginning days and months of reprogramming my mind to flow along higher energy vibrations, it is necessary for me to frequently visualize my desirable outcomes. So I will take this time to renew and reaffirm myself as part of this practice.

I see myself financially successful. By this, I mean that I effortlessly produce enough money that I can travel to foreign destinations in first class style. While my work as an empowerment coach naturally takes me to many different locations around the world, where I work with leaders empowering women to live fuller and satisfying lives in much better environments, I always have time, money and energy to enjoy the locals I visit. And I take spontaneous vacations where I am able to enjoy replenishment within myself and within my relationship with my spouse, who is my greatest supporter. I feel enlivened by my work, and feel fulfilled knowing I am making a difference in other people’s lives. I love my work, and I enjoy my life. I am able to spend time with new friends that I make, able to deepen my new friendships in a satisfying manner.

As I write this, I am feeling my energy rise; I am feeling new energy rising about me. It is a reminder to me just how important it is to keep my dreams alive – through writing regularly, as a way to manifest my desired possibilities. I am utilizing the Law of Deliberate Creation, here. It seems to be like painting a series of pictures to tell a story. With each painting, the story grows, become more definite. It is my power of being. ;)

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Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 25

Words are important. I was thinking on this yesterday as I was reviewing why and how I say something creates the positive or negative feelings I experience. Words spoken aloud contain the power of creation. While we certainly add to creation with thoughts, speaking thoughts aloud brings them into being faster. Spoken words are vibration. They attract that which travels along those same vibrations. Language contains the collective consciousness of the society which formed it. Within the language of words are the emotions imprinted of that society. So when a curse is spoken, not only is negative energy spread from speaking the curse, it carries within it the history of all the emotions attributed to that word. It becomes a powerful implement drawing to the speaker the emotional vibration of itself multiplied many times over. Affirming words are similar in that its speaker draws to him or herself all the affirming emotions built around those particular words.

 Words are powerful. When endeavoring to bring about a wish into reality, it helps to speak that wish or intention aloud. Speaking aloud helps solidify the intention – both to myself which helps the idea form more “solidly” to myself, and to any other to whom I share my intention. The vibration of speech helps formulate the thought into reality.

I am reminded of this as I review my intentions for what I want to bring forth into my life. I wish to enjoy what I do as well as be able to not only pay my bills, but be able to go out and enjoy life. I wish to travel, to meet new people on my travels, learn about new cultures, learn new languages. I love to sample wine from different regions around the world; I feel like I can “taste” the earth of that region within the wine. There is so much to see and do! And it starts with thoughts and words. It is day 25 of my challenge. I continue to monitor my thoughts, monitor my words. I have seen already positive results from my efforts thus far, and I feel like I can carry this so much further.

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Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 23

Yesterday and today, questions began to assail me about job and career as I filed job applications in order to qualify for unemployment since losing my job at the Nature Center. I found my emotions spiraling as I went through the stressful process of searching for qualifying jobs. How do I stay positive while looking for a part-time job amid the frustration of not finding adequate help from the local workforce center, nor jobs worth applying for? For that matter, how do I maintain a high vibrational attitude at a job I dislike and find no purpose in? There is so much negativity around me… how might I rise above it so it does not effect me?

 I posed these questions to my Higher Power, and suddenly found myself thinking of a new question. I suppose the real question is: why do I believe that work must be difficult and unpleasant? (I’m starting to realize an important shift here). I have been operating under the general, unquestioned belief that work is hard, and that building a business is not fun and requires long hours of unpleasant work. I have believed making a living is tiring and demanding. That doesn’t have to be true! Let me review my 7 Universal Laws to see where I am….

The Law of Attraction state like attracts like. The Law of Deliberate Creation states that I can consciously, deliberately create through conscious intent; through the creation (imagination) of my thoughts I begin to form my reality. The Law of Allowing is about allowing my output – my wishes and desires – to come into being in accordance to the Law of Attraction… which allows in for other greater occurrences for which I would not have thought to ask.The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance states I am enough as I am, for I contain all the answers to living my dream life within myself (as creator…Master of Being, Master of Reality). The Law of Pure Potentiality states that I can align myself with Source and tap into creation as pure consciousness – because that is what we are when we allow that realization upon ourselves – which opens us up to greater freedom of being, away from our own self-imposed limitations… and fears. The Law of Detachment is about not becoming too emotionally attached to one outcome or another. It’s about not letting our emotions get in the way of creating what is truly in our best interest, as opposed to what we may think is in our best interest. Our emotions help us create and bring into being what we have emotions over. If we are attempting to create steadfastly one reality without allowing for change (as in upgrades to our desired outcomes) we stand in our own way of upward progression. And lastly, the Law of Polarity is about making the choice of which side of any situation or thing we choose to place our focus. We can see the potential upward spiral of energy, or what leads to the downward spiral of energy.

So, with all that, I create my work environment. If I don’t like it, I can choose to utilize my knowledge of the aforementioned 7 Universal Laws to change my situation to how I like it. I align myself with Source to create my new desired environment. While it may not happen overnight, and may take time and patience as I begin aligning my vibrational energy with what I do desire, I can rest assured that I have the power of creator being to achieve my desired results. I am the Master of my Being; I am the Master of my Reality!

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Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 21

Manifesting is seeming to come easier and more frequently! Today I felt great – enjoying the beautiful autumn day, enjoying my surroundings. On my way home from a quick coffee and breakfast with my husband downtown, I decided to stop at Razmataz, one of my favorite shops.  It is an upscale clothing boutique and I decided to drop in to visit Ann, one of the salesladies I had made a light acquaintance of, and to whom I hadn’t spoken to in awhile (on account of wanting to avoid falling in love with something else expensive in the shop). But I felt good things all around me, and stopped in for a chat and to admire new arrivals in the clothing and accessory stock. While I was there, I was delighted to see the shop owner as well. As I was admiring the new arrivals, the shop owner sent out a lovely, bright-colored skirt. It had hung in the display window and had received minor sun damage. Instead of selling it at a discount, it was offered to me as a spur-of-the-moment gift. That has never happened to me before! (And it was my size!).

This is how I imagine the Law of Attraction works. While I was not intending to manifest a new skirt, my high thoughts of abundance must have attracted that to me. The Law of Allowing also acts to deliver to us extra “goodies” so to speak when we allow things to flow without being too attached to the outcome. This Law works very closely with the Law of Detachment (not becoming too attached to the form our wishes and desires may manifest to us) which gives the space for allowing the workings of attraction to manifest into physical reality. Perhaps, this is what living in abundance looks like: having all kinds of pleasant gifts showing up unexpectedly just because they happen to be drawn in through higher vibrational levels. After all, the Law of Attraction is a basic law that simply states that like attracts like. So feeling abundant naturally attracts more abundance in a variety of different ways and experiences.

This new awareness is opening up whole new levels of experiences of being for me. It seems that the happier I allow myself to be, the more I go out of my way to keep my thoughts whispering along positive lines, the more positive happenings and enjoyment I attract to myself, in a spiral of upward flows of positive-seeking energy and feelings of contentment. Not something I’ve been used to feeling in the past, but something I will definitely enjoy experiencing more of! This is what it means to become Master of being, Master of my reality.


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Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 19

As I near the half-way mark of my 50-day challenge consciously incorporating the 7 Universal Laws into my everyday living experience, I am starting to notice changes about myself. I am noticing that I am feeling more confident in myself. A year ago, when I was typing my first words that would become my first book, I had brought my spiritually-given name out of the realms of private use and brought it forward for public display for my book. I wasn’t sure how I felt about myself in this new persona. I felt I had a long way to grow to fit into this specially-given name. In the last several months, I had felt growing pains, as I struggled with this new identity. “Am I up to this,” I had wondered, “do I deserve this?” Spirit never lies.

 Now I find myself standing straighter, feeling more confident in my new, more encompassing me. I stand with much greater certainty of myself and what I have to offer. I am excited, alive, passionate. I believe in me. I am witness to myself shaping my world. I feel like I can relax within the Law of Allowing, and allow myself to enjoy my everyday life, despite the pressing matters of time and all that needs to be accomplished within it. I can let go of my previous training in the way I was raised to view money and finances. Instead of clinging tightly to money for its use within constrained expenses, I feel I can let go, hold it loosely in my hand, so to speak, and use it as any other tool I might use for benefit. In my allowing, I also follow the Law of Detachment, and hold a sense of detachment with money, holding the growing certainty that more money will be made available when I need it.

Today’s experience provides an apt example. I had identified a Trollbead leather bracelet with the silver Ugly Duckling Trollbead specifically as my graduation present to myself for living and growing through the application of the 7 Universal Laws in my life. As Trollbead jewelry is somewhat expensive, my reasoning of fitting it into my budget ran along the lines of: living these Universal Laws, I should be able to attract the funds for paying for the jewelry. Today, I unexpectedly received a check in the mail that exactly covers the cost of the bracelet and fancy lock I had chosen (but not the charm). I am sure that the cost of the Ugly Duckling charm (which signifies the growth of the human spirit through hardship and challenges to emerge into the beautiful quintessential swan) will also come to me by my time for graduation. This unexpected check, which is not from a person but from a corporation over some wrongful suit I was included in, is the largest check I have received to date. I feel the magic sparkling all around me!

So with these new views, I grow, and hold witness to myself transforming into the first graduate of my new training to become Master of Being and Reality.

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Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 17

I really enjoyed my Saturday today. Incorporating the mindset from the 7 Universal Laws, we altered our shopping mindset downtown during a break in our work schedule. One of the pastimes my husband and I enjoy is admiring, and sometimes purchasing natural fiber clothing and pottery – especially those handwoven or artistically made locally. We are fortunate to live in a very artsy town. Today, in advance preparation for the holidays, the fiber arts community was hosting a sale of their products – an assortment of scarves, hats, shawls, blankets, and the like along with pottery pieces. We stopped by the beautifully preserved building that was formerly The Vail hotel in the early 1900′s to check out the local fiber arts. We really enjoyed our conversations with the local artists, and ended up spending much more than we normally would on a few items. I found a heavy woolen scarf for my husband that was beautiful in its simplicity, and a gorgeous rustic pottery water pitcher that I thought would be a beautiful addition to my rustic attic loft where I spend my days writing. The deliberation came as I attempted to decide between the water pitcher and a lovely purple and black scarf woven from a blend of alpaca hair and silk – both fibers I prize in outerwear. We abruptly decided we would find a way to make both affordable in our budget.

 Later, I had the realization that in consciously utilizing the Law of Attraction, thinking and acting as we did is exactly how we continue to attract more abundance into our lives. In the Law of Attraction, the general beliefs that we send out from our thoughts and actions attract more of what we are sending out. So if we had decided that the purchases that we wanted to make were simply too expensive, and that we could not fit them into our budget, we would have sent those thought waves out into the Universe, and indeed that would be our reality. This is not to say that it is okay to go on a shopping spree and spend money we don’t currently have, or spend money that is to be used for our bills. On the other hand, at higher vibrational levels, I am sure that we could spend greater quantities of money, once we are firmly in the mindset of the knowingness of attracting the amount of money we need in the time we need it. However, I am not yet at that level. I am working up to this level, and I would know I am there by not feeling the limitations of our present finances.

Needless to say, I am enjoying my beautiful water pitcher here at my writing table, as well as the warmth of my new scarf that coordinates perfectly with my wardrobe. I feel great, and these positive feelings that are sent out all around me magnify the good will and positive feelings we experience in our immediate environment as we go out about town. Feeling great is contagious!

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Living the 7 Universal Laws: My 50 Day Challenge -Day 15

Life is back in the positive and I am feeling upbeat. Allowing myself full permission to feel my loss and grief has had a cleansing effect. While I still feel sad about the permanent loss of my friend, I also feel I can move forward with life and celebrate the fun remembrances. And I will always carry with me the spirit of my dear friend.

I am feeling hopeful. I am progressing on my work designing my new website. The reconfiguration of the site has caused issues with my blog, so for the next few days, these blogs will not be available as my webmaster husband reconstruct my blogs using a whole new system from WordPress. I am working on keeping my thoughts and expectations positive as I formulate my new venture; I am keeping the Law of Deliberate Creation firmly in mind as I visualize my possibilities. I also am receiving constant confirmations from Higher Self and spirit guides that I am on the right track, and to keep trusting, keep listening. I continue to consciously align myself with positive, listening intuitively for how I am to proceed next. Accordingly, I am following the Law of Pure Potentiality to manifest and bring into reality my visualization of my new coaching program. I am excited about the potential of positively affecting so many lives as I show my future clients the power of living within expanded consciousness and living passionately the lives they always dreamed of living! I am looking forward to starting my program of training others to become Masters of Being and (their) Reality.

Right now, I am living in constant reminder of how I think and what words I use when I speak. For example, I sometimes catch myself thinking, or about to say “I can’t afford this right now” and have to stop myself. I do not wish to put out into the Universe that I cannot afford something, because in the Law of Deliberate Creation, that is what I will create: my not affording what I desire. So instead, I change my thoughts to: something may not be in my current budget, but that can be amended if needed. The thoughts that I am currently working on reprogramming into myself are therefore: “I have enough time to do what I need to get done, and I have enough money for whatever I need and desire into my life right now.

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Living the 7 Universal Laws: Day 13 of my 50-Day Challenge: Tribute to an old friend

The high feeling hasn’t lasted. I received news belatedly from my Higher Self and guides that my lost parrot, with whom I had a strong bond, recently passed. As unbelievable as it may sound, it was the reason for my car accident a few a weeks ago. It had been inexplicable to me how, after driving only a few dozen feet from my street parking spot in search of a parking lot, I had suddenly… left my body – only to return finding myself in the middle of an intersection, having missed the stop sign, and suddenly having a pick-up truck appearing out of seeming nowhere rushing toward me from my passenger side on a collision path.

The accident was minor; no one was hurt, and only the tip front end of my car was damaged as the driver worked hard to miss me. I, of course was shaken and in shock – both from the accident, and the complete disorientation of not remembering anything in the split seconds prior to being suddenly aware of a truck rapidly approaching me and frantically applying my brakes. After the initial shock, I then experienced an overwhelming sadness that overtook me, which at the time I had mistaken for simple frustration at myself for having inexplicably caused my first accident since I had learned to drive.

This is not a completely new experience – developing a bond so deeply that I can feel a passing when I am nowhere near the subject. I had a similar experience at age 5 with my first (and only) pet dog. I was aware my father was not fond of dogs, but we (my mother and I) never thought my father would ever do anything to hurt or endanger the pup. But one morning not long after we had moved into our new home in the countryside, I woke suddenly from sleep knowing my dog was dead. I rushed from my bed, down the stairs and into the laundry room on the other side of the house – my heart in my throat – to confirm that Heidi was not in her bed. Then, in hysterics, I had rushed up to my parents’ room to wake my mother. She, of course, thought I had either lost my mind, or was suffering from the remnants of a bad nightmare. She found it unusual that my father would take the dog with him to gather things from the old house, but that certainly wasn’t an indication anything was wrong. But it had been confirmed a few hours later when my father returned home. Heidi had somehow been killed. I never understood the accident. But her loss stayed with me for years to come.

And now, Galen, the Eclectus parrot I had lost 7 years ago when he got carried away on an updraft of wind one windy afternoon after I had stepped outside with him still on my arm. The closing storm door was newly installed and had startled him into flight, and I had stood helpless, as he tried to return to me from his startled flight, but the wind had picked up… and unused to wind drafts, he had been carried higher and higher into the sky.

He was micro-chipped, so I have carried the hope that one day he would be scanned and returned. We knew he had been found from a description of a woman provided by a neighbor who worked at a local pet shop. A woman describing a similar bird had entered the shop inquiring on care for an unknown type of parrot. But she obviously had no mind to return him, as my neighbor, trying to get more information from her, suspected my neighbor’s intent and hurried away.

So I had hoped and waited. Each move, I’d updated my contact information with AVID, the micro-chipping company I had Galen registered through. And now he is gone, my witty, funny, lovable friend who adored playing with children, singing and humming off-key to our favorite song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, who loved car trips, and introducing himself to new people. He loved to entertain me whenever I got too serious into paperwork and shut him out of the office; he would fly to the door frame outside the closed door, and hang precariously outside, upside down. I would hear his talons scrabbling frantically over the door frame and open the door to see a parrot hanging upside down, bat-style, above me. I laughed every time.

So, which of the 7 Universal Laws do I use to pull me out of this one? The Law of Allowing? Perhaps I need to allow myself to fully feel the grief of loss of my dear friend, and allow that I will never enjoy his company again. I need to allow that I made the mistake of stepping outside with him unsecured on my arm, and allow for the person who found Galen to be as she was. I need to allow that the vets in Delaware do not make a habit of scanning birds for microchips. And I need to allow for my life to continue on, as it must.

Perhaps I also need to apply the Law of Polarity, which basically represents the two extremes, or poles, of every situation. Within every tragedy can be found its blessing. I’m going to have to think creatively on this one. Perhaps Galen benefited the woman who found him in profound ways that will make positive ripples all around her. Perhaps my life needs room from caring for a small companion so that I will be free to travel in my new line of work. Perhaps I may touch others with my story of loss.

I will allow myself to feel the pain of my loss, and I will fondly remember the fabulous years I did enjoy living with my small, witty and verbacious (is that a word?) friend. And I will still strive to appreciate the Law of Deliberate Creation, where I create what I desire in my life. I will always love you, dear Galen. May you experience the wings of Pure Potentiality in your new state of freedom.

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Living the 7 Universal Laws: Day 11 of my 50-Day Challenge

I almost forgot to post in today! Actually, I am still riding high from my exercise in my last post. I guess that means programming your own mind to higher vibrational energies really work. I have been feeling so positive about the prospect of my life – that would be realizing the Law of Pure Potentiality working in conjunction with the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance (I am enough and I can create my reality as I wish to experience it). Feeling this great makes it easier to attract abundance, as I am humming along on my higher frequencies of energy. So as the Law of Attraction works – I am attracting to me like vibrational energy experiences, which as I am “blissing” along in self happiness and greater confidence, I am attracting higher vibrational experiences in abundance.

We are experiencing abundance in unexpected ways. For example, today, we pulled from our garden bed twice the number of mature yams than expected. Due to our recent cold snaps, we were disappointed to find that the large crop of yams we had been hoping to yield well into December were greatly diminished due to the vines dying off in the cold. Our attempts to save them by covering them through the cold had not been successful. So today, we decided to pull up what we had. We were pleasantly surprised to find that what we did have were mostly fully mature yams. Upon sharing a few with our neighbors, we were given another dozen of fresh eggs from a parents’ farm. We had already enjoyed another several dozen from them earlier in the month. We love our fresh farm eggs!

In general, I am discovering that I really do control my degree of happiness by what I focus on. Even disappointments are having very little effect on me in my state of self-induced bliss. I am happy with the results of my diligent yoga practice. I am finding myself with reduced cravings to even my “healthy” junk foods. I am having much higher degrees of self acceptance. I just feel good all over! And, I am talking to my guides more; I seem to be able to hear them a little better, or at least, I am questioning less what I am hearing, because I am learning to have greater trust in myself.

Well… so far, so great. And I am only a fifth of the way through this challenge. I am ever eager to see what greater heights I can move to over the next 39 days. :)

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