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10 Thing Happiness is not

1. Happiness is not about having; it is about giving and sharing. Here in America, we are taught to be selfish. We have a “me” mentality – it’s all about me: What’s in it for me? What do I get from this? What have you done for me lately? We are seldom taught to think about much outside of #1 (me). As a sad result, in this me-focused society, we are poor listeners, over-spenders, have lost sight of the value of family, and with it the value of community. We generally don’t care for others, except for how they relate back to … me. Having a successful, meaningful community is about members of that community giving of themselves. When we help another, not just out of our own direct self benefit, it feels good. There’s a little glow inside about contributing toward the betterment of society. We feel a little taller. We feel like we have meaning. When we give something of ourselves, we receive a feeling of value, a heightened sense of self worth. And when we feel good about ourselves, that good feeling contributes to an overall sense of well-being. The more we participate in giving, the greater and more prolonged the feeling or experience of well-being.

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The 7 Universal Laws – and my 50-day Challenge

I have been limiting myself. I came to this realization quite suddenly on review of the Seven Universal Laws. I have been limiting the outcomes of my success and creating disaster in my life instead of what I desire. I believed I couldn’t help it: I found my relationship with my husband taking a huge nosedive in response to his stress at work – and my resistance to having to put up with his outbursts at home.  I sunk into a mini depression over our relationship issues.  In addition, my loss of my part-time job at the nature center led to my filing for unemployment (a depressing thought on its own) and then looking for new part-time work that would fit in with my own work schedule of creating my new business venture; along with realizing the website we had created just wasn’t cutting it – and having to take time away from all other activities to start at the drawing board, to recreate and fine-tune our business intentions.  I have not been in the highest of spaces.

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