Living the 7 Universal Laws: Day 11 of my 50-Day Challenge

I almost forgot to post in today! Actually, I am still riding high from my exercise in my last post. I guess that means programming your own mind to higher vibrational energies really work. I have been feeling so positive about the prospect of my life – that would be realizing the Law of Pure Potentiality working in conjunction with the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance (I am enough and I can create my reality as I wish to experience it). Feeling this great makes it easier to attract abundance, as I am humming along on my higher frequencies of energy. So as the Law of Attraction works – I am attracting to me like vibrational energy experiences, which as I am “blissing” along in self happiness and greater confidence, I am attracting higher vibrational experiences in abundance.

We are experiencing abundance in unexpected ways. For example, today, we pulled from our garden bed twice the number of mature yams than expected. Due to our recent cold snaps, we were disappointed to find that the large crop of yams we had been hoping to yield well into December were greatly diminished due to the vines dying off in the cold. Our attempts to save them by covering them through the cold had not been successful. So today, we decided to pull up what we had. We were pleasantly surprised to find that what we did have were mostly fully mature yams. Upon sharing a few with our neighbors, we were given another dozen of fresh eggs from a parents’ farm. We had already enjoyed another several dozen from them earlier in the month. We love our fresh farm eggs!

In general, I am discovering that I really do control my degree of happiness by what I focus on. Even disappointments are having very little effect on me in my state of self-induced bliss. I am happy with the results of my diligent yoga practice. I am finding myself with reduced cravings to even my “healthy” junk foods. I am having much higher degrees of self acceptance. I just feel good all over! And, I am talking to my guides more; I seem to be able to hear them a little better, or at least, I am questioning less what I am hearing, because I am learning to have greater trust in myself.

Well… so far, so great. And I am only a fifth of the way through this challenge. I am ever eager to see what greater heights I can move to over the next 39 days. :)

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