New Year’s Eve Intentions

As 2012 comes to a close, more opportunities await us in the shadows of our imagination, our dreams, expectations, awaiting the creative touch of life from the motion of our own deliberate intentions. 2013 looms before me, a clean, blank slate awaiting my command.

My thoughts and words are the paints and paintbrushes, creating the pictures of my future reality. What do I paint? What creations do I bring forth into my present experiences? To create a change from my present reality requires deliberate thought and concentrated focus. Otherwise, my life continues along the same path, with the same humdrum experiences. To create anew, I give deliberate thought to the changes I desire: I wish to create and deepen more friendships. This means I need to participate more in other people’s lives. I wish to become known as a coach promoting both physical and spiritual health. I wish to become financially adept, so that I can afford more enjoyable pastimes, like taking vacations, visiting museum exhibits, traveling to far away exotic places. And I would like to visit my present friends who are flung across the country.

The start of a new year is a perfect time for reflection. This reflection is bringing together intention for how we want the new year to form. At the cusp of a new year is the perfect time to solidify our orders for change, and to plan the change(s) in our own patterns of living to accomplish this.
Each moment of life we make choices; each moment is pregnant with Potential. Too often, I let these potential moments pass by without notice, without consciousness. But each new moment brings another Choice – Choice to choose anew to create (or continue) the pattern leading to specific desirable outcomes -desires such as improved health through specific actions, or raised vibrational living through positive thought and feeling…. My goal is to cherish these moments, and with it I succeed in cherishing myself, my life. My great intention is to choose anew, with each moment’s new choice, to think with positive inflection, to notice the brightness and beauty surrounding me, and to make use of this brightness to pull myself ever forward on my intentional path of grace and graciousness, beauty, appreciation, and wonderment. My wish is to live my intentions and live with intention, and in the process, continue to master my thoughts, my mind, and be the me I would desire.

Happy New Year, and may blessings bloom throughout this new year; may opportunities flower throughout and decorate this clean slate set before us with the beauty of fruition.

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