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Taming (ahem) Calming the Tempest

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

I am the master of my mind, and with it my thoughts. I have mastery over my thoughts.

Meditation is a way to gain mastery over mind and thoughts. Meditation is a process where the self learns to slow down in the process of putting its energy into a defined focus. With practice over time, I have found it easier to keep track of my thoughts – or at least be aware enough to bring my runaway thoughts back under rein. Being able to rein thoughts in quickly for sustained focus is the result of practiced discipline. Meditation is one way to work on that discipline. I am particularly fond of guided meditation as it engages the mind through a series of imagery, and depending on its length, is like being part of a story...

Sit comfortably in a quiet area. Close your eyes and take in several slow, deep, relaxing breaths. Breathe in to the count of three. Exhale out to the count of four, completely emptying the air in your lungs. Pause. Breathe in to the count of five. Exhale slowly and completely. Repeat. Now, count slowly backwards from 20, breathing slowly in at 20… breathing deeply out at 19… breathe in 18… out 17…. Breathe in 16… out 15… breathe in 14… out 13… Breathe in 12… out 11… your mind is quiet… breathe in 10… out 9… softly breathe in 8… out 7… breathe in 6… out 5… 4…. 3… 2… 1…..

Picture yourself grounding with the earth. You can do this by imagining you are sitting on a natural earth surface. You are leaning against a very large tree. You are seated against a large root structure and you imagine following this root deep into the earth. You feel safe and rooted to the spot where you are sitting. As you feel yourself merging with the root structure of this very large tree, you feel a sense of calm settle over you as you focus on the roots extending deep into the earth. The earth feels cool and refreshing.

Now, notice what you feel. Notice what thoughts are flitting through your mind. Right now you are a passive observer to the thoughts floating…or whipping around through your mind. Just let the thoughts flow…without control. Observe. Breathe. Relax further into your comfortable position.

I am not my thoughts.

They are apart from me.

I allow my thoughts to ebb and flow through my mind.

I am not my thoughts.

My thoughts are my creations.

They are only my creations.

I allow them to come forth, and I can also quiet them at will.

However, right now, I choose to simply observe my thoughts, without judgment, as they flow across my mind.

I can see my thoughts like the flow of water; they may flow through in great rushes of energy, or in quiet trickles.

I have ultimate control over the flow of my thoughts.


Picture breath flowing quietly into your lungs, filling your lungs to capacity. Hold that breath… hold… hold…allow pressure to build quietly in your lungs…. Then let it s-l-o-w-l-y out in one l-o-n-g exhale.

Breathe in another breath…focusing on a slow count to 5…. Then let that breath out in a quiet, long exhale.

Notice, where are your thoughts in this moment? Are they occupied, focused on your breathing? Are they focused on the changed pattern of slower, fuller breaths in this moment? Slow your breathing even more. Focus on extending your in-breath to the count of 7. S=l=o=w=l=y exhale until your lungs feel empty. Now breathe at a natural and quiet rate. What do you notice about your breaths? What do you notice about how you feel? Did you notice the equal signs I used above instead of dashes? Just wondering ;)

Each time I notice, I build on my level of awareness. As I practice noticing, I increase awareness. As I increase awareness I discover new things about myself and that which is around me. Discovering new things keeps me alert, and increases my responsiveness. Increased awareness allows for me to redirect my thoughts. And being able to constantly shape my thoughts to those I consciously choose - places me firmly on the path to self-mastery. With self-mastery comes conscious creating.

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