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Skills to Manage Stress Counseling for women in Pueblo and across Colorado

Life doesn’t have to be unmanageable.

While stress is a normal part of life, occasionally we run into rough patches where we feel inundated, overwhelmed, out of our depths, even. You might at first feel like you can (almost) handle it all… but then things seem to fall out of your grasp. And now you’re feeling like you are barely keeping your head above water…. At work unfinished requests are piling up. Home life may be chaotic so that your time away from work never feels like you’ve had a break; it is only adding to the overall stress and tiredness:


  • You are feeling short-tempered

  • Your mind is going a thousand miles a minute - and in as many directions

  • You’re having trouble concentrating

  • You’re not sleeping well

  • You feel tired and fatigued

  • You may be getting sick a lot

Outwardly, you know you may seem to have everything together, but instead you are struggling with being on time to work or appointments (or even keeping track of them). It is difficult to meet deadlines at work (cue in all-nighters). You are afraid that you cannot keep up with juggling your workload with your other responsibilities and worry about how to balance your job with all the other things going on in your life. Home life - it feels like it is teetering on edge with lost or distant communications with your partner and other loved ones and an overall feeling of a lack of adequate support....

Pause. Take a deep breath….

It’s going to be okay. 

You don’t need to figure this out alone.

Together we can work through this with one small and manageable step at a time.

Imagine your new you having effective tools in your “toolbox” that enable you to handle stress with finesse. You are easily able to set boundaries without coming across as aggressive. You take time-out for yourself without feeling guilty or selfish…. Your inner voice is gentle and supportive rather than super-critical. And on the mucrarer occasions when you do start to feel worn out or overwhelmed, you quickly recognize the signs and have your self-care remedies already lined up to maneuver yourself right back on track. As a result, instead of feeling frazzled, you feel strong and confident and know exactly how to hit your “refresh” button!

Empowered woman boxing for stress management

I help women build their self confidence so that they start to believe in themselves. I validate and provide support as they learn new skills to manage stress to empower themselves to navigate gracefully through the difficult areas of life.

I primarily use the Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) approach for working though the thought process behind stress and anxiety. While CBT is not the only method I rely on - I pull from a variety of methods - it is where I tend to start to educate and encourage raising awareness on how our thought processes work. I like to work from a "holistic" view, for a more "whole mind/body/spirit” approach as these are all important areas to address when working on personal growth and wellness.

When we work together to improve your skills to manage stress, you'll learn how:


  • Your communication skills are impacting your relationships (professional, romantic and casual)

  • To set boundaries without coming across negatively

  • To increase self care without the guilt

  • To recognize early warning signs for stress and burnout – and how to nip it in the bud

  • To recognize tension and relax your body in order to fall asleep easier

  • To calm the constant “worry chatter” in your mindfully

Stress is inevitable, but you can learn skills to handle it gracefully
A Few FAQ's:

Q: How do I know stress therapy will work for me?

A: No two people are the same. My approach is highly personalized and we will work together as a team to determine the best approach for you. As long as you are willing to open yourself to discovering new processes, you will most likely experience success with learning new management tools for stress.

Q: How long will I need to be in therapy? Do I have a choice with how long I am in counseling?

A: Length of therapy is determined individually. I will work together with you to determine what you wish to get out of therapy. Your therapy is personalized for you and you can end therapy at any time.

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