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Online counseling for women: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is online counseling for women effective?

A: Online therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy. All you need is a private space to have your therapy sessions. Additionally, there are added benefits of:

  • Convenience: Being able to have sessions right from your home where you feel most comfortable

  • Saves time: No time spent commuting so you have more time to focus on you.

  • More private: You can have your sessions without anyone observing you leaving

Q: What does the free 15 minute consultation look like?

A: We will chat about why you are pursuing counseling at this time and what you are looking for in a therapist. The goal of the call is to make sure there is a good client/therapist fit. If so we will move forward with scheduling your first appointment. If not, I will be happy to give you guidance on how to find someone who may meet your needs


Q: How long are sessions and how much does it cost?

A: $120 for a 50 minute session.


Q: How often should I have sessions?

A: I generally recommend sessions weekly, especially when first starting sessions. After completing your first 3-4 sessions, you may decide you want to move to having sessions twice a month or even once a month if you find you need less support. However, frequency of sessions is a choice you can make and decide together with your therapist in accordance to your needs.

Q: What will my first session look like?

A: Your first session is about assessment: where you are - to draw a map of where you want to go (what you want to achieve with therapy) - and creating a plan of how to get there. This plan might be slight alterations from session to session, as like an airplane taking off for a destination a few thousand miles away where the course will alter according to wind currents and weather, your journey may also likely take some unexpected turns that may seem unrelated, but overall works on helping you arrive at your final destination.


Q: Do you have a cancellation policy?

A: Yes. Purpose Counseling requires that cancellations be made a minimum of 24 hours before your scheduled session to avoid being charged a late cancellation fee.

Q: What if I am late for a session?

A: It is best if you know you will be late for your session to let your therapist know so it is not counted as a no-show. You are scheduled within an hour block for your session and that time block is reserved for you. If you are late to your session, you forfeit the time you are late.

Q: How is online counseling for women different from regular counseling?

A: Online therapy for women is specific for women as it provides an open space for support and addresses issues specific to women on their journey. This may include struggles specific to women such as self confidence in a male-dominated world, relationships with significant others or professional relationships and communicating effectively from a gentle yet clarifying manner from a position of self empowerment.

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