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Stress management coaching

You don’t have to struggle on your own.
Meet Erivynn, LPC, LAC, ADS, Coaching for Stress Management

Life feels exhausting. You have read self-help books, tried affirmations or meditation. Nothing seems to work. You are looking to facilitate the change within, to feel more connected and to be in charge of your life. But negative experiences in your past seem to hold you back, almost like a prisoner.

Traveling through the dark chapters of your past can be painful and even scary without a professional person to act as an anchor and to guide you through to the other side where you can find a new sense of freedom.

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Together, let's create a life you want to run toward.

You don't have to keep plowing on, barely keeping your head above water, dreading interactions with people, trying to avoid being triggered....

I will help you with taking small, easy steps at your own pace to create the steps you need to move from survival mode into thrive mode.

In coaching for stress management, anxiety and overall personal growth, I work to empower you to have the strength or courage to explore past painful experiences. Is it always necessary to delve into the past in order to move forward? No. However, at times when painful or disturbing memories are haunting or getting in the way of your present, it may be necessary to dig deeper into self exploration in order to resolve past negative experiences and to reprocess a different or new interpretation of  past events. This process helps you grow stronger from your past rather than continuing to feel defeated from the past. This is part of moving from surviving into thriving!

The philosophy of Purpose Counseling follows these three tenets: seek purpose; find Self; transform.


seek purpose

This is about finding your 'why': 

  • What is it that keeps you going when the going gets tough?

  • What is that something to strive for that is bigger than you? 

We look for aspiration that defines our existence and gives greater direction in our lives, which brings joy through meaningfulness, our raison d'être. 


find Self

In seeking purpose, we discover who we are, our essential or authentic self, and our connection with our (Higher) Self - the part of us that is greater than our "small mind" or ego. Dig into and explore the recesses within:

  • Who are you?

  • What are the fears holding you back?

  • How real are these fears?

  • What have you locked into the closet of your mind?

Find out how these fears stand to the light of day. Unearthing these darker aspects tend to show they are not as big and dark as initially imagined or believed....



Your fears are no longer ruling you. You have gained control of your mind through re-evaluating your thoughts, values and beliefs. Some of these have shifted. You have released what is no longer serving you, leaving you stronger with newfound confidence. You have entered thrive mode!

As your therapist and coach, I will guide you through the tough and fearful areas of your being so you won’t have to stand alone. Together we can face down the fears from your past to overcome these once and for all.

I have over 10 years experience of supporting clients with stress and anxiety management. Personally, I have faced many “dark nights” and understand how important it is to have someone with you in those moments to help ease the pain and lessen the fear those dark moments bring with them. Clients describe me as relatable, nonjudgmental and focused. They appreciate my ability to meet them where they are and to gently peel pack layers getting to the core of what they need to work on.

It takes courage to explore avenues of change to find a more fulfilling, happier life - one with purpose. The first steps can be the most difficult. I am here to support and empower you on your journey. 

Namaste ~ your Counselor & "Coach" for coaching stress management, anxiety, and Personal Growth,

Aurelia Nå Erivynn, LPC, LAC, ADS

More interesting info about me...

I have written two books on the philosophy of nature as healer and meditation practices and how to draw that center of calm into everyday life. I am presently working on my 3rd book about meditation.  If you are interested, you may follow excerpts as I write in my blog. It is my hope to assist you with bringing inner calm into focus while raising awareness on balancing healthy, enjoyable eating, exercise and a zest for life. These are all important components to (getting and) staying healthy! I will help you gain, or regain a feeling of purpose one step at a time so that you may enjoy life and live life on purpose!

Education & Licensure

  • The College of New Jersey; BA of Psychology, MA for Community Counseling

  • Colorado: Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Colorado: Licensed Addictions Counselor 

Training & Certifications

  • Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (ADS)

  • EMDR Basic Training

  • EMDR with Addictions; DeTUR Protocol

  • Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)

  • (Former) Full Operating Treatment Provider for Adult male Sex Offenders (Colorado)

Professional Associations

  • NADA - National Acupuncture Detoxification Association

  • National Certified Counselor - 1996-2020

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