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Anxiety Treatment for women in Pueblo and across Colorado

Does it feel like anxiety has taken control of your mind and body?

You're familiar with that constant feeling of tension, like you can never fully relax. You worry... a lot. You feel unsettled, on edge, or irritable. You are always tired and can only dream of enjoying restful sleep. You may feel like your body is betraying you, and you might wonder if you are losing your mind. You feel out of control because you never know when something or someone might trigger you.

You may or may not know where this anxiety comes from. You may have struggled with anxiety since childhood. It could have come from someone who was overly critical of you in your past. Or it could be a more recent development. But it has been having far-reaching effects over your life where you question almost everything you do. You have an ever growing list of things that you are avoiding in an attempt to keep various parts of yourself feeling safe and under control. You are noticing that your fears are keeping your life small and you are suffocating....

It’s going to be okay. 

You’ve got this!!

I will be your advocate for gaining mastery over your mind and body to help you regain control so you don't have to live behind your fears.

We are constantly carrying conversations in our heads, with a running commentary on everything that goes on. Most of the time, we are not even aware of what we are saying to ourselves! When you work with me, I will walk you through steps to raise awareness to these thoughts and how to begin eliminating self defeating thoughts in favor of more healthy ones. I will teach you skills to cope with anxiety that will empower you on your pathway as a key to thriving.


I primarily use the Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) approach for helping clients work though the thought process behind anxiety. While CBT is not the only method I rely on - I pull from a variety of methods - it is where I tend to start to educate and encourage raising awareness on how you're thinking, feeling and believing about yourself. Our work together will take on a holistic view, looking at not just your mental health and what's going on with your thoughts but also creating awareness  around your body and your spirit  so that you feel truly well in all domains of life.

After learning and mastering skills to cope with anxiety, you will be better able to:

  • Consciously be able to relax your body

  • Put a stop to or better manage worry thoughts

  • Be able to focus and perform under pressure

  • Assert yourself with confidence

  • Respond from a place of control to situations rather than reacting from an out of control position

  • Take time out for yourself – without feeling selfish

  • Become gentle and forgiving with yourself; quieting or shutting down that critical voice that lives within

No two people are the same. That’s why the approach that I take in my services is highly-personalized and refined to fit the exact needs of my clients. I will help you recognize your underlying problems, fully realize your strengths and help you adjust to a new, healthier lifestyle. Ready to start? Book your free 15 minute consultation now!

You don't have to live a life trapped by anxiety

Your wellbeing is worth investing in

You CAN live a life of peace and calm

A Few FAQ's:

Q: Is online therapy effective for anxiety treatment?

A: While there are subtle differences between in-person therapy sessions and online anxiety treatment, online therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy for anxiety. The difference is focusing more on facial and upper body cues instead of being able to see the whole body. But this focus can also be a benefit as the therapist is more focused on the client in front of them on the screen.

Q: Will I learn to handle panic attacks with anxiety treatment?

A: Yes, one of the focuses in Purpose Counseling is learning coping skills to manage anxiety that will greatly decrease or eliminate panic attacks.

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