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A safe and open space for women to go from surviving to thriving

Personal Growth Counseling online for women in Pueblo
and across Colorado

Personal Growth counselor
Does this sound like you?
You work hard, giving your all to your job. Because it’s the one place you get validation.... You desire to feel connected with others - your family, friends, co-workers - but you live with your emotions frozen, unable to truly "feel" as life seems to... pass you by?

So instead you feel disconnected, like others don't understand you?

Or maybe

you constantly feel on edge, irritable, and chronically tired because you haven't had the luxury of a solid night of sleep since... you can't remember. You feel out of sorts with how your life is going right now. You want more - and you've researched - read self help books, attended seminars or listened to podcasts - but just can't get on top of the negative patches, past and present, that keep pulling you back, like a heavy weight hovering over you.

It's okay to not be okay right now.

Hi, I'm Erivynn.

"I help women who want to rid themselves of negative or abusive patterns from their past which are blocking forward movement in their work, personal life or relationships....
Purpose Counseling with me focuses on discovering your 
empowerment. You will gain new skills for managing anxiety, raise self confidence, heal from past abuse, and discover renewed purpose to bring happiness into your life. Together we can create a life that you want to run toward instead of a life you want to run from."

  I will help you with taking small, easy steps at your own pace to:

  • Learn about emotions and how to experience them in a healthy manner - so they HELP you instead of HINDER you

  • EMPOWER you to identify and reframe beliefs that are not serving you 

  • Reveal and bring forth your authentic YOU, so that you feel EMPOWERED to choose healthier options along your life's path for increased happiness & wellbeing


Stress beats us down, but we don’t have to stay down. I will teach you how to recognize your early warning signals of stress piling up and how to manage it gracefully.

Sometimes we learn habits in the past that no longer serve us now in the present. I will help you recognize old patterns no longer serving you and gently guide you on how to release them.

One small step is all it takes to get started on your path to happiness and freedomLet’s talk:
  1. Schedule a free consultation  

  2. Invest in YOU

  3. Experience change

Imagine yourself

Feeling at ease in a group of people, having friends with whom you feel safe and are fully accepting of you, quirks and all.

This can happen for you. 

Let me support you on your journey with Purpose Counseling.

Is restlessness and worry keeping you up late at night so that you have trouble falling asleep? I will teach you tools to manage your anxiety as well as teach you how to calm and relax your body.

Stress & anxiety counselor and coach

I offer a safe space for women to process through stress & anxiety from an open forum of self growth while integrating healthy coping skills.

I validate and provide grounding support as you try out new skills to empower yourself to navigate gracefully through the difficult areas of life. Within a safe and open space, we will work together to apply new tools, explore and air out darker corners and work on shifting your thought system to reclaim disconnected parts for a stronger and cohesive YOU. We’ll work from a strengths-based approach to optimize your natural gifts. I pull from a variety of methods, including use of how to gain control over your thoughts, visualization and mindfulness practices.

Purpose Counseling is for you if:

  • You are ready to work in partnership with your therapist to address the issues holding you back - you are sick and tired of not moving forward and want to change things NOW!

  • You are looking for support to overcome feeling powerless from experiences that happened in your past or are occurring now. Bad things can happen in the course of life. This is not about minimizing what happened to you, but allowing space for you to grow forward past those experiences so that you feel stronger and self empowered.

  • You are looking for more than just improving mental health. While experiencing mental health is definitely important, in Purpose Counseling, we will work together on achieving health in a mind-body-spirit balance and the role this plays in living beyond the minimal basics of living or "just getting by".

If this sounds like you - let's chat. I offer free 10-15 minute consultations and I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Purpose Counseling is not for you if:

  • You are looking for counseling where you just have to "show up" without doing homework in between sessions; counseling with me is not for you. Counseling with me isn't for everyone, and that's okay. Personal Growth can be hard work and is not about finding a "quick fix" for problems. It can be uncomfortable looking at negative patterns and trying something different.

  • You are experiencing uncontrolled addiction such as: gambling, alcohol or other substance abuse, eating disorders. These issues require at a minimum in-person care and may require in-patient treatment. 

  • You are suicidal, self injurious or otherwise engaging in high risk behaviors. You will benefit more from in-person treatment, or a higher level of treatment that is not provided here.

  • You are experiencing dissociation from previous trauma. Again, you may benefit more from specialized trauma work which is not the focus here.


While I do specialize in working with women, I also work with men and non-binary individuals. If you have any questions on how I might work with you to help move you into thrive mode with personal growth counseling, please contact me - I'd love to chat with you!

Hi, I'm Erivynn

Counseling & Methods

Counseling Specialties:

Confidence for women


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  • Oscar Health/Optum

  • Oxford

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